A Pediatrician Sweeps The Networks With Her Answers About Vaccines In Children; Against Or For, You Will Change Your Mind When You Know What She Thinks

This doctor has all the answers and much more. Her comments went viral and parents are loving her.

The rise of “anti-vaccine” parents has opened the debate in recent years about the radical importance of vaccines in children. Even though there are many people who disagree on vaccinating their children, professionals insist that it is a life-saving practice.

A few days ago, the post of a pediatrician of Spanish origin went viral who posts health advice and general recommendations for the population on her Twitter and Facebook wall, according to the Huffington Post. But the controversy came after the doctor posted on her wall a graph showing infant mortality before and after vaccines. Quickly, a user expressed her anger at this post and replied: «It’s okay to lie so much! Vaccines don’t save lives. They put heavy metals like mercury and aluminum in vaccines so that children get sick little by little. This is not to say those who die being babies, or those who remain autistic. You cannot be so radical Lucia ».

Clearly, this woman is against vaccines, like many other people, arguing that vaccines contain substances that are harmful to children’s health. The Pediatrician’s response was immediate, and she decided to publish the screenshot of the dispute, to raise awareness about the risk of not being properly informed about the benefit of vaccines.

The answer

“All I hope is that you never have to regret the loss or the devastating consequences of these diseases in any of your children, currently preventable diseases, for moving away from the official national and international recommendations”, “And if so, how it is already happening, we professionals whom you call «radical» will be accompanying you in your pain and doing everything possible for the lives of your children ». Concise and truthful, the professional had a strong response that won the applause of many Internet users.

What Anti-Vaccine Parents Argue

People who are against vaccinations for their children argue that they contain substances that can cause diseases that they would not get if they did not vaccinate them.

According to Infobae, there is a current of thought that indicates that many of the diseases that are fought with vaccines could be fought or definitively eradicated through food or natural medicine. Another fundamental reason is that, for many, large laboratories make huge profits from vaccines.

On the other hand, according to the same source, “the strongest study on the subject was a 1998 publication by the English doctor Andrew Wakefield in the scientific journal The Lancet, which suggested a direct relationship between the triple viral vaccine (against measles, mumps and rubella) and the development of autism. In February 2010, because the study was at the center of the anti-vaccine debate, the journal formally retracted and announced the withdrawal of the study in question because it had verified that several elements of it were incorrect and its results had been manipulated. and Wakefield’s professional license was even withdrawn for acting unethically. “

Vaccines save lives

The truth is that anti-vaccines do not have any solid argument to support their justifications, since the truth is clear: thousands of children die a year from diseases that could have been prevented if they had received the vaccines.

Yes, it is true that some vaccines have side effects, but they will always be minor annoyances compared to the risk of death that is run by contracting a serious disease that can be prevented after inoculation.

Vaccine components

According to the site vaccines.org, vaccines are proven to be safe and effective and save millions of lives around the world. For those who are against them, their argument is that they contain substances such as aluminum and mercury that threaten health. This site explains in one of its articles that the components used in vaccines go through a rigorous control that makes them suitable for application in the formulas used in vaccines.

Components used in vaccines for human use include:

  • aluminum

  • adjuvant

  • antibiotics

  • formaldehyde

  • sugars, amino acids and proteins

  • preservatives

  • bovine serum

Vaccinate your child

Beyond the arguments of the anti-vaccine movements, when referring to official sources, we can see how infant death decreases when the population receives the necessary vaccine. It is essential to adhere to the official vaccination calendar of each country, so that our children grow up in a healthy and safe way.

When a percentage of the population is immunized against a contagious disease, the majority of the members of that community are protected, as there is very little chance of an outbreak of the disease. This is called “herd immunity” according to Vaccines.org.

Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent many diseases from spreading. Always vaccinate your child and you will ensure a happy future.

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