A Mother Says That There Is An Exact Number Of Gifts That Her Son Should Receive At Christmas. What Do You Think That Number Is?

If it were up to us, we would give them everything they ask for, but there is a limit and it is reasonable

“Mommy look, look, that’s what I want!” My 5-year-old daughter repeats to me a few times a day when she is watching television. And each time it is a different toy. She loves them all, they are all adorable and everyone “needs” them according to her. And as parents, in situations like these we ask ourselves how much is enough?

Hachimals, Paw Patrol stuffed animals, Baby Cry, makeup bags, skates, Barbie’s kitchen, and many others that I already lost count. With my husband every year we decide to buy each of our children a single Christmas present, because then the grandparents and uncles come, and then the next day they are so overwhelmed with toys that they no longer know what to play with. My daughter knows that Santa Claus is her parents (I invite you to see what I wrote about it ), but anyway she has no qualms about asking for her Christmas gift.

It is true that receiving too many gifts together means that children ultimately do not finish playing with any of them, unless there is one of them that you have been looking forward to. If you don’t know how much will be enough and how much will be too much, read on.

3 … and it’s magic

A blogger mom seems to have the magic number of how many toys are ideal for a child to receive as a Christmas gift. Katharine Stahl says that there are exactly 3 gifts a child should receive. No more, no less. For this mother it has been a strategy that has helped her save a lot of time and money since she realized that her children felt happy and satisfied when they received three gifts.

On the Pop Sugar blog, Kat writes “Make one of those gifts the one she wanted very much,” and the other two, complement it. For example, if your daughter comes asking for that baby she likes so much, you can buy it for her and ask her grandparents and uncles to complement her with the crib and some other accessory. By the way, you make sure they give her things that your daughter is sure to like.

I have checked. When my children have received more than three gifts at the same time, they become “gift-opening machines” that only wait for the next one to shred the paper and continue discovering surprises. Then for the following holidays, they will always expect to receive many gifts and can become heartbroken if they do not receive many packages.

On the other hand, when they have only 3 packages, they will feel satisfied because it is not a smaller number and it is enough. If you think that relatives will give many more gifts, then choose to buy only one and try to receive the gifts little by little, so that they give it the deserved importance they have and that they know how to feel grateful for everything they have given them.

The consequences are over-giving

By giving them everything they ask for, they become immature and insatiable. In the long run, they will become dissatisfied adults, for whom nothing will ever be enough “, Alicia López de Fez, director of the López de Fez Psychology Center in Valencia, says. Her words are ringing in the ears and makes us reflect on the consequences of giving too much to children.

The psychopedagogue warns, according to the Huffington Post, that the child when receiving so many gifts loses the emotion and the capacity for wonder, and that receiving in large quantities makes them get used to it in the future, feeling frustrated when they do not receive the expected amount.

Writing the letter to Santa Claus with our children is one of the tips that experts offer to be able to educate children in austerity and instill in them the true value of things and the effort they represent.

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The rule of the four gifts

The Children’s Guide site proposes to follow the rule of the 4 gifts to buy presents for children during these holidays. That rule consists of following these 4 principles:

  1. Something to wear (clothes, accessories)

  2. Something to read

  3. Something they really want

  4. Something they really need

Based on these four principles, we can discard a lot of unnecessary gifts that will later remain in the toy chest for a long time. Also, we must make sure we agree and remember these rules with grandparents, uncles and other relatives, so that our children receive the right gifts, both in quality and quantity.

Remember that the important thing, in addition to seeing our children happy with their gift in their hands, is to instill in them good values ​​in times when consumerism and individuality wreak havoc on society.

And you, how many gifts do you think are enough for children at Christmas?

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