A Mother Is Criticized For Charging $8 To Each Child Who Attends Her Son’s Birthday Party (but She Has A Rationale)

Opinion is divided. Would you ask parents for money so that their friends can attend your child’s party?

In recent decades, children’s parties have achieved a dynamics and significance previously unthinkable. Whereas decades ago there were no children’s rooms or theme parties (much less organizers), now a children’s party demands as much time and organization as a wedding party.

If you have children you will know how expensive it is to organize a birthday party every year with all that that implies. Many parents try to save as much as possible, while others spend their last pennies. Meanwhile, other parents manage so that their children have the dream party and that the cost is not so high. Something like this happened with a single mother, named Ruma Ali, who decided to ask for £ 6 for each child who attended her twins’ birthday party. The comments for and against this decision did not wait.

According to Mail Online, the woman from Leicester, England, decided to share her unique idea on a British television program called This Morning. And from then on hundreds of people applauded her, while others denigrated her for her “rude” attitude.

Pay to attend

Ruma’s rationale for explaining her decision is that each child would take home a gift worth almost 5 pounds, and therefore, asking for 6 pounds per person does not sound totally unreasonable, since the attendees would have to anyway have brought a gift. The woman explained that it was the same parents of her children’s companions who offered to contribute financially to the party, since she had told them that she did not want presents for her children.

“I changed the dynamics of children’s parties, because in fact I am giving each child a gift,” said the woman in front of the interviewers of the television program, who invited the woman to make her public release after the commotion that arose in the networks after his statement.

This mother explained that she invited the 60 companions of her twin children and did not want anyone to miss the party. And since each child would surely bring a gift, she preferred that they bring cash because that way they could better contribute to the costs of the party and something else that she should buy for her children. In fact, it can probably be more expensive to buy the gifts than to contribute nearly $8 per child, but feedback was not long in coming.

For and against

The idea of ​​this mother raised defenders and detractors of the attitude. Many complained about the “shameless” initiative of the woman, while others applauded the idea.

“In all my years as a host and guest at children’s parties, I have never been asked to pay to attend a party. Is this what you do today? ”Said a somewhat surprised Twitter user. Other people called her rude and exaggerated with her request. However, there were people who supported her, saying that it was an excellent idea, as her children had an afternoon of fun and brought gifts and treats home.

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And the presents?

Although personally the idea does not seem totally crazy here, it remains somewhat misplaced and it is the opinion of the children. It is true that with the money the mother can surely buy something bigger for her twins, or something more expensive, or they will simply help her pay for the afternoon of fun. But, the truth is that for children a birthday party without presents and wrapping to break, is not a birthday party.

Unless children are grown up and understand the point of pooling money to buy something better, young children will eagerly wait for their little friends to open packages with tempting bows and glitter papers. Therefore, although the idea of ​​this mother is still brilliant, I would have chosen to have a smaller and less expensive party, and that each child arrives with the gift according to each one’s pocket. Well, what counts is always the intention.

On our way in life as parents there will always be someone who thinks that we are doing the wrong things. The important thing is knowing how to choose what is best for our son, with the conviction that it will make her happy.

And you, what do you think of the idea of ​​this mother? Would you ask for money from your children’s party attendees?

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