A Love Story That Can Save Your Marriage

The story of Annie and Danny shows us that only love will allow a married couple to see the sun despite the darkest of nights. A love story that can save your marriage.

The story of Annie and Danny Perasa is truly moving, and there are many learnings that she leaves behind for life in marriage. Annie and Danny lived in Brooklyn, New York; they married in 1978 and lived together for 27 years, until Danny passed away in 2005 as a result of a terminal illness. StoryCorps, an American non-profit organization dedicated to recreating true stories through videos, found in this marriage a story worth telling.

When I watched the video, I found in the couple’s phrases the reason for writing this article and, at the same time, I realized that there is no such thing as a “magic secret” to leading a happy life in marriage. It is simply about being filled with love every day for that person you have chosen as your husband or wife. Read below how to achieve it through the phrases of the protagonists of the story:

“When a boy is happily married, no matter what happens at work, no matter what happens in the day, there is a haven when you get home” (Danny)

It seems that no one would have to make an effort to return home and find it a haven from the troubles of the day, as long as it is “happily married.” But how do you get to that situation of being happily married? I believe that everything is a matter of attitude and perspective, and it has to do with who we are as people and with the resources and values ​​we have to face existence. Happiness in marriage is not the absence of problems and difficulties, but is built through the way we deal with them. It is choosing the path of love every day, it is giving yourself as a wonderful gift.

It is never too late for a new beginning: the moment you decide, you can start building a shelter, where your whole family and yourself long to arrive every day to be received with a kiss and a hug; a place where you listen without judging, where you do not look for guilty but solutions, where there are no screams or blows and even though it is full of imperfect human beings, there everyone strives to be better every day.

If you don’t leave a note in the kitchen, I think something is wrong. Danny writes me a love letter every morning »(Annie)

In addition to love letters, Danny called Annie for twenty-seven years every April 23 at 3:00 pm to ask if she would remarry him. Similarly, find a different and unique way to show your husband or wife that you love them. A life is built day by day, never take it for granted that your partner knows that you love him, because he also needs you to tell him and show it with small actions. Illuminate the life of that wonderful being that God has given you.

A note, a chocolate, a flower, a dinner for no reason, a message, a song, are not exclusive things of the first months of relationship. Sometimes laziness invades us, we take it for granted that we love and they love us, we stop trying and thus leave a crack open for heartbreak and disappointment to enter. Today is a good day to show your love.

Dark nights and sunny days

The story of Danny and Annie shows us that only sincere love and dedication will allow a married couple to see the sun despite the darkest of nights, and the memory of sunny and happy days will give them the strength to get through the rainy days. Finally, here is a letter written by Danny to Annie on Valentine’s Day: «My dear wife, this is a special day, it is a day in which we share our love, which continues to grow after all these years . Now love is being used by us to sustain us through these difficult times. All my love, all my days and more. Happy day”.

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