A Little Girl’s Letter To Herself And Her Life Lessons.

Taylor Smith was an exemplary girl whose adulthood could not receive her own letter, but she leaves us life lessons. If your inner child asked you those questions now, what would you answer?

Some time after their twelve-year-old daughter died miserably from a complicating pneumonia, Mary Ellen and Tim Smith, from Tennessee, United States, found a letter that their daughter wrote to herself. On the envelope was written: “To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023 only, unless otherwise noted.” If you want to see the video (in English), you can click here.

The parents decided to open the letter. In it the girl asked herself a series of questions about her future life. These questions were like a way of asking herself not to deviate from her path. The letter addressed various aspects, which I narrate below:

1. Professionally

In this regard, the young woman sets herself a goal to graduate from high school, at least, since she understands that university is difficult. Although she does not lose hope, after all, she dreamed of being a lawyer.
If you were the one who wrote that letter to yourself, what would you have asked yourself about it? Do you remember what your career dreams were when you were just a kid? Have you fulfilled them? Perhaps it was, or you think that those dreams were just fantasies, however, the singer you wanted to be could be satisfied by taking singing lessons as a hobby. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky indicates that “The process of working toward a goal, participating in a worthwhile and challenging activity, is as important to well-being as your own fulfillment.”

2. In daily life

This young woman glimpsed a family, since in the letter she talks about her children and it is advisable to talk with them, inform them that when she was little, iPads were the new thing, and show them the drawings that she used to make. Likewise, it talks about enjoying life as it is, with the good things and the bad things. Remember to enjoy little things like a television show or an amusement park dedicated to Dolly Parton, a famous singer from her hometown.

When I was little I used to love asking my mother what the world was like when she was a child. I liked comparing it to mine, and it just seemed so different to me!
As adults, we often forget the simple things that we liked to talk to our parents. We forget how we thought, how we marveled at little things. We lose that essence with the passing of the years and we forget the advice of Jesus Christ, to be like children.

3. In the spiritual

Perhaps the most moving thing about the letter is when he asks his self in the future not to lose his faith in God. That he continues to attend the meetings of his church, participating in the ministry. But above all, appreciating the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for humanity.

Do you remember when you prayed as a kid? Did you feel close to God with the innocence and love that only a child can give? Is your faith as great as it was then? Spirituality is a very important basis to be happy.

readA spiritual life allows you to discover your meaning in life

Taylor’s parents decided to publish the letter to publicize how special their daughter was. But beyond being a sample of this, it is a wake-up call for us. How many of us have deviated our path from the one we had traced when we were children? How much do we still have of the great faith we had in God? How much have we forgotten to enjoy the little details of life, being immersed in our adult problems?

Perhaps it is time to penetrate our memories; to go back to being the child we were; Ask ourselves questions like the ones Taylor asked himself. I have no doubt that she would have been as special when she was older, as she was in her childhood.

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