A Building’s Garbage Manager Comes Across A Gift Box, And Decides Not To Throw It Away, He Never Imagined What Would Happen

Among all the garbage of that day, there was a gift box, he decided not to throw it away and saved a life.

In one of those events that happen to us in our daily routine, whatever the type of work we do, we all have a routine, which can be interrupted, and in this case, it was interrupted by something that could have been a tragedy, but which ended in a miracle.

The one in charge of cleaning the garbage containers, was looking for cardboard to recycle

In the place where the residents of this building deposit the garbage they take out daily, this man, while doing his work and as reported in Up Social, was surprised to find among all the garbage, a gift box that caught his eye.

The man made some statements to the CCTV China media outlet , which is where the incident took place:

‘I thought it was a doll when I saw the baby’s leg. Then I looked again and saw that a baby was alive and had blood on its face and body.

It was a very small baby

Maybe it was the fact that the baby was in a gift box and “the weight” as he described it, that made him stop and not put it with the rest of the garbage, but whatever the reason, the important thing, is that this man in an ordinary day of his life, became the angel of that little warrior.

The police were called to the building to investigate the case

Security cameras showed one of the building’s tenants carrying two garbage bags and the box, leaving it with the rest of the garbage. The young woman is 15 years old and apparently has lived alone in that building for a year. In accordance with the laws of the country, her identity was not made known because she was a minor.

The young woman’s apartment was searched and a bad odor was reported.

The miracle

The baby was transported to the Bao’an People’s Hospital, where her weight was found to be 2 kilos and 650 grams, but her body temperature was below normal.

A miracle and a concern for parents of teenagers

Although the fate of the little girl and her mother is unknown, what is worrying about this situation is the decision that this teenager made. This is definitely not an isolated case, and while our children are minors, they are under our care, education and protection.

These are usually the results of an unwanted pregnancy

So these are some useful tips that the University of Delaware came up with, as a guide so that as parents we can be more useful when educating our teenagers about sex and its consequences:

  • Be clear about your values ​​and attitudes about sex

Extremely important and extremely easy to forget. Many parents have our principles or have grown up with principles that we have forgotten to pass on to our children.

If we think that abstinence until marriage is the best, there is nothing wrong with passing it on to your children from a young age. It is a principle like so many others, the important thing is that you are honest about what you believe, instead of wanting to show that “you are modern and open-minded” if you are not. Your honesty, whatever your position, will help them make a better decision.

  • Don’t wait until puberty to talk about sex with your kids

Life gives you countless opportunities to talk about relationships, marriages, babies, how your little brother came into the world, etc. Don’t miss out on those little opportunities to spread the word about what you see best for them; waiting until development may be too late.

According to the same source, these are some of the things teenagers want to talk to you about

  1. How do I know if what I feel is being in love?

  2. How do I know when I am ready to have sex?

  3. If I have sex, will I be more popular?

  4. How do I tell my girlfriend that I don’t want to have sex?

  5. How do I respond if my boyfriend / girlfriend pressures me to have sex?

  6. What about contraceptives?

  7. Can you get pregnant the first time?


The study revealed that children and adolescents want to know YOUR opinion on these issues, your position, your advice, your experience. Although they read it on the internet and talk about it with their friends, your opinion is the one that weighs the most.

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