A 2-year-old Boy Dies From A Blow To His Belly From His Stepfather, Should We Take Precautions When Looking For A New Partner?

This child died from a tremendous blow to his stomach. What precautions should we take? Can this be avoided? According to what was published by the Daily Mail, a 21-year-old man, who would be the couple d

According to what was published by the Daily Mail, a 21-year-old man, who would be the partner of the mother of the child who died as a result of a strong blow to the stomach.

Harry House, 2, was found seriously ill at home and rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Joseph Eke, her mother’s partner was now charged with murder.

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According to the statement by the officer in charge of the quasi, Harry ‘suffered a heart attack at home. Paramedics attempted artificial resuscitation. The artificial resuscitation continued in the hospital but then his death was confirmed. ‘

Paramedics reportedly noticed the presence of numerous bruises on the boy’s stomach that coincided with some bruises on his back.

Mrs. O’Neil, Harry’s mother, was also allegedly arrested on suspicion of murder, but was released almost immediately without charge.

Can you take precautions when looking for a new partner?

There are several things that can help when it comes to bringing someone new into your home, especially when you already have children. Remember that you are no longer alone, and that bringing someone new can represent a risk or a very good thing.

Some things to keep in mind

1. You must realize that you no longer talk about going out with someone, you also talk about a family

Being a single parent is difficult, and having the need to find someone to share your life with is normal. However, you are no longer alone, you come with an included gift that you cannot hide or leave in the background.

2. Introduce yourself and present your children’s information

The sooner you make it clear that you are a mother and the importance that your children have for you, the better.

However, this is not enough, many men say they have no problem with you being a mother, but they only say it because they are enthusiastic about you and they will say whatever it takes to win you over (in the short term). That is why it is important that you give yourself time, which brings us to the next point.

3. Don’t make decisions lightly

When you have children, it is important that you take time to get to know the person thoroughly. My grandmother always said that ‘a new broom always sweeps well’, and that’s true. Only time, the experiences together will show you better who he really is.

4. Use the dialogue to get to know him better

Use the genius of dialogue to pose hypothetical situations and analyze their response and reaction.

5. Do not introduce children immediately

It is important that you know about their existence and the importance they have in your life, but remember that you still do not know if this man is going to be part of your life or not, and it is better not to introduce your children to people who you still don’t know if they came to stay or not.

This way you avoid breaking their hearts if they become fond of him, and you also avoid introducing them to all the men you date.

6. Talk to your children about the subject and give importance to their fears and uncertainties

Remember that they are children and that what for you can be normal and without risks, for them can be a world. Talk to them, but above all, listen to what they have to tell you and do not ignore their fears.

7. Create a trust between you and them

Let them know and feel that they can turn to you for anything and that you will not question their word. This is essential when it comes to bringing someone new to the family, especially when that someone is a person you love, but who will not necessarily be love at first sight for your children.

8. Be patient

You must give time to time, the slower you take things, the better.

9. Do not leave your children in their care immediately

Just as you would not leave your children with someone unknown or that you hardly know, the fact that you love this man does not mean that you can now blindly trust him. Let them spend time in your presence, let him interact with them, and only when you know that you can trust him (after a long time) do you leave them in his care.

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