9-year-old Girl Suspended From Her School For Wearing ‘too Tight’ Clothes, Her Family Is Angry And The Networks Explode

The million dollar question: Did you think this girl was wearing something inappropriate, or was the only inappropriate thing on the minds of the school staff? Did she deserve suspension?

The opinions of more than 50,000 people come and go, and while not all agree on absolutely every detail, most share the same outrage at what this little girl’s school did.

School has just started again in the States, after summer break, and we’ve already had some sour experiences so far this school year.

A school in Brookhaven, Mississippi, decided to send a 9-year-old girl home for having been dressed in very tight clothing.

The girl is only 9 years old, and her uncle decided to publish what he considered an act of bullying by the school towards the little girl, on social networks. The uncle published two photos of the little girl wearing a T-shirt and leggings. As published in Today Style, the school sent the little girl suspended for having worn this roa.

Posted by Robbie Nettles on  Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Publication of Robbie Nettles on Facebook says:

«Does my niece’s round belly offend you? Obviously, her outfit was just too tight for her figure type.

Was this an offensive enough reason for her in-school suspension at Brookhaven Elementary School? It seems acceptable to put a nine-year-old girl’s body to shame. My niece is not the ideal weight, but she was not wearing something inappropriate.

It makes me sick to imagine that my sweet niece goes to a school that cares more about her weight than what is on her mind. They could have made her wait for a new change of clothes at the office. Instead, it was sent straight to suspension. Unfortunately, another girl with the same body type in her class received the same treatment. The second change of clothes was not satisfactory either. If the school is so concerned about the appearance of our children, they should apply school uniforms. The dress codes are open for interpretation and abuse. This abuse was demonstrated by the faculty of Brookhaven Elementary School.

Is this an appropriate punishment? “

The million dollar question: Does this girl seem to be wearing something inappropriate, or was the only inappropriate thing on the minds of the school staff?

A hose and a T-shirt or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is the most common set of clothes used by girls of this age to go to school. There is nothing wrong with the clothes the girl was wearing, she is only 9 years old and her entire body was properly covered by the clothes she was wearing.

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“It breaks my heart to know that she had to go through this. Her set of clothes looks great to me, “says Katie Allen Stout, one of more than 500 people who left an encouraging message in the post of outrage left by the girl’s uncle.

Let me say something. I think cheerleaders need to cover up a bit. Her skirts are tooooo short and show her abdomen a lot. Even though they are only skin and bones, I do not want to see that “, says the comment of Alicia Woodruff, exposing the shortcomings when it comes to judging the school, pointing out that the only real reason why they treated the girl is because she did not have the ‘correct’ measurements on her body.

What should we do as parents in situations like these?

According to experts, the worst thing we can do as adults and as parents caring for our girls is to focus on physical appearance over their intellect. Rather than comment on how they look, we should comment on their intelligence, efforts, and talents.

They also recommend that we often ask for their opinion, validating it. It is also very good that we introduce them to other women who are models in our society, that we dedicate even one moment a day to talk about deeper things validating their points of view.

It is good that they maintain a clean, neat appearance and that there is no strong emphasis on how they look or how other girls look.

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