9 Signs To Discover If Your Child Is Happy

The goal of every parent is for their children to be happy, but we don’t always succeed. Here are some tips to help you identify if your child is happy.

As a mother, you have wondered if your child is really happy. By our nature, mothers want our children to be happy and learn to make decisions facing the consequences. I constantly ask myself, was I happy at my son’s age?

If I were to delve a bit into everything we as mothers do to keep our children happy, I would write an encyclopedia. There are countless things we do every day with this objective: feed them, educate them, provide entertainment spaces for them, and many more. However, the question will always remain: is my son really happy with what I procure for him?

I think that if we ask our children directly they will answer yes, but it is not necessary to do so. It is enough to observe their behaviors and we can see if they are really happy. Here I share with you some tips so that you are alert and can know, without having to question him, how happy your child is:

1. He is sociable

If your child has many friends and constantly shares and plays with them, your child is very close to happiness and you should not worry, but do not be careless.

2. It is cheerful

Joy is the reflection of the soul. It has a positive effect on our mood and improves our integration with those around us. If your child is happy and produces that effect on those around him, he is happy.

3. He is grateful

If your child always thanks you, either for the food or for any favor you have done, surely your child is happy. It shows that you learned to value those small or great efforts that you make.

Watch this video: I thought I knew what gratitude is, until I saw this child

4. It is shared

If your child loves to share with the family, rest assured that your child is happy. Wanting to help and live as a family shows confidence in yourself and that you know you are loved and part of a family. If you see him withdrawn or isolated, it is better that you integrate him into the family life.

5. Eat well

If your effort is rewarded with an empty cupboard, it is because your child enjoys the food you have prepared with much love. It is an excellent sign of joy.

6. It is sensitive

If your child manages his emotions with a talk, movie, game or any other everyday situation, rest assured that your child is happy. Having the courage to understand yourself and understand others is a sign of balance and maturity.

7. Have confidence

Climbing and descending a tree, as well as making important decisions in daily life, shows that you have confidence in yourself to solve life’s issues, without having to ask others for help. Your child is sure to be happy without having to come to you to help him solve his problems.

8. Has talent

If your child has developed any skills and is striving to be successful in what he does, he is surely happy to achieve his dreams and goals.

9. Do not deny your responsibilities

Creating habits in children is excellent. If your child does not refuse to do his homework or do any help around the house, surely your child is happy, because he knows how to control the responsibilities of daily life.

Help your children to value things

Being parents is not an easy task, but we must always be alert to these behaviors and thus we will know if our children are happy. If you notice any radical change in the previous points, it is important that you go to a specialist to help you identify a problem, physical or emotional. Remember that if you are happy, so will your children.

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