9 Signs That He Is Not With You For The Same Reasons That You Are With Him

If you feel that you and your partner are still together for different reasons and reasons, I invite you to read the following 9 signs that will help you find out.

You may have heard it said that “the heart does not understand reasons.” Because it has always been believed that “love” resides in this organ, millions of people justify their mistakes when establishing and developing their love relationships. However, today it is known that love is governed by the brain and not precisely by the heart.

Indeed, and as unromantic as it may seem, loving knowing that your brain is the one that controls your emotions and feelings can save you many disappointments and headaches and breakups. Leaving aside the idea that your heart is blind to love will allow you to detect many things that are not going well in your relationship.

Of course, it is not about finding all the defects that there are in your partner, in yourself or in the bond that binds you. Quite the opposite. The purpose of loving with “the brain” is for you to be able to recognize the reasons why you and your partner have stayed together.

Therefore, if you consider that the reasons for both of you to stay together are quite similar, you can rest assured that your relationship is on the right track. However, if you have perceived that his arguments are too far apart, here are nine signs that will help you discover if he is not with you for the same reasons that you are with him. Check, cross out or check and make a decision:

1. They argue all the time

Although arguments are part of any relationship, the truth is that constant fights are a clear sign that the couple has strong differences. Whether in thinking, feeling or acting, it is a fact that couples with recurrent disagreements have less empathy when relating.

For this reason, you should take the time to analyze if the arguments that occur with your partner are due to a simple disagreement or because of the fact of having different reasons for being together.

2. Shows disinterest

Showing disinterest in their relationship progressing, even after seeing your efforts to do your best, is a clear message that the reasons they have for staying with you are not empathic with yours.

3. Your goals and objectives bother him

If you have detected that your goals, beyond making him happy, bother and annoy him, reflect on the reasons he could have for being with you. If respecting and supporting you to achieve your goals are not a reason to love you, it is best to get away from him.

4. You only care about him

A person who only cares about himself and leaves his partner aside will hardly have reasons in common with her to bring out their relationship.

5. You want to change the way you are and think

If they don’t like how you are and think, and wish you were different, there is no doubt that their reasons for being with you cannot be the same as yours.

6. He is not committed

The lack of commitment to you and the relationship is a sign that he has stopped sharing reasons to fight for that bond that both of you built. If habit is her only reason for being with you, it is best to end immediately.

7. He only looks for you when he needs something from you

Indeed, if you have realized that nothing else is looking for you when it needs your help, you should not close your eyes: it is using you!

8. Shun the problems they have

If instead of looking for a solution to his relationship problems, he ignores and leaves the burden only to you, do not hesitate, his reasons for continuing with his relationship are not based on full and supportive love.

9. Their conceptions of love are very different

Finally, if when analyzing the conception that each has of love, you discover that they are radically different, it is very likely that both are in that relationship for the wrong reasons.

So make the decision right now to find that man who wants to be with you for the right and true reasons of love.

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