9 Secrets To Attract A Man In 15 Seconds Or Less

Attracting a man has never been easier when you know these nine secrets. Apply them to your life and get the attention of that man who has you in love.

Getting the attention of a man is very easy. If you really want to conquer their love and live a lasting and happy relationship, you just have to get their attention, since it is proven that they fall in love with the sense of sight, so it is a point in our favor. However, many of the actions that we take without thinking, can distract your interest and fail to attract it.

Many times nerves, wearing the wrong clothes, talking too much, not feeling confident and confident, can ruin the meeting. Even though you already have a relationship and due to the monotony in your life, you feel that your partner has moved away from you and you no longer find the same emotion, then these simple tips are also for you:

1. Eye contact

The power of looks is essential to send the perfect signal that you are interested in the person. It is the first contact that connects emotions and sensations, making the man manage to put all his attention on you.

Staring into their eyes for a second or two and quickly looking away will make you feel not intimidated but drawn. Remember to never look away or avoid it, since you will project a lack of interest.

2. Smile

By smiling you will convey confidence and empathy with the person you want to conquer. This way you will know if the person is shy, since they often tilt their head so as not to show their teeth. Despite the mistrust that this can project, the smile is the most attractive and captivating since it transmits mystery.

3. Body language

Nodding your head will convey interest in the talk, agreeing with or agreeing with what is being discussed, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere. Grabbing hair, moistening the lips, standing with open hands and feet directed towards the person concerned, or sitting upright are tricks to attract the gaze of men since it is a provocative act that projects seduction.

There is a technique used in job interviews called “mirror”, where the candidate imitates all the positions of the recruiter, without intimidating and in a cautious way to empathize and gain their trust. So you can use it in the art of conquest.

4. Clothing

It is important never to lose the feminine side that characterizes every woman, using dresses, skirts or some fitted pants, which enhance and stylize your figure, will divert the gaze of any man. Wear sneakers, pantyhose, and accessories to complement your outfit. Remember not to pretend what you are not, dress comfortably and according to your style. The recommended colors are reds, purples and yellows.

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5. Fun

Being a nice, smiling and creative person to break any tense and negative environment, is what will help you to get their attention. Games, pranks, jokes and witty ideas are a magnet to attract men.

6. Control your nerves

Nerves can break the magic of attraction, so think before you speak and do not say incoherencies, it is important to speak slowly, clearly and concisely, without entanglement to convey the correct message. Remember to avoid starting a conversation about topics that you do not master since it is a risk and you will feel ridiculous.

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7. Seek physical contact

Holding hands, caressing the back and hugging; they are ideal techniques to connect with the person concerned. That way you will be able to communicate without having to say a single word. Break the ice and seek some kind of physical contact.

8. Aroma

It is essential that you take care of your personal hygiene if you want to conquer a man. The effects of perfumes are essential to create important memories in people. How many times do you remember someone just by smelling a fragrance? Always try to smell delicious and have good breath.

9. Praise your skills

We all love it when the people around us praise our abilities, strengths and qualities. So do not hesitate to show your man that all his virtues for you are important and surprising.

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Without a doubt, by doing these nine tips, you can get anyone’s attention in just 15 seconds or less. Remember that the secret is in your security, confidence and level of self-esteem.

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