9 Powerful Meanings Of The Kiss On The Forehead

These types of kisses make us feel deeply respected and loved. And besides, they have surprising benefits.

Kisses are the best expressions of love that exist, creating bonds with the people we love; It is an act that allows us to open our feelings and emotions, and that come to life without saying a word.

All kisses have different meanings, since we give them in different contexts; For example, the romantic kiss that is given to the couple indicates desire and passion, just as the kiss that we give to the children denotes affection and love.

However, there is a type of kiss that touches the soul and its power is deeper than any other type you know, I mean the kiss on the forehead.

Hidden power

Many historians Over the years they have generated great interest in understanding the workings of the pineal gland that is located in the center of our brain, located between the eyebrows. This is considered as “the third eye”, or “the eye of God”, where the soul and our thoughts are found.

This is where most of the body’s energy is concentrated, as it receives an immense flow of blood. This gland is related to clairvoyance and direct vision of the invisible, that is why when we kiss on the forehead, the kiss is powerful and magical.

What does it mean?

1 Protection signal

Giving or receiving a kiss on the forehead is a sign of protection and security. Usually it can be given to the partner, parents, children, grandchildren and close relatives. The person who gives it is eager to transmit tranquility, as a way of telling you that you are not alone in life and that you will always count on him or her forever.

2 Respect

The person who kisses the forehead wants to respect your privacy and privacy. You are a special and important person in her life. Usually, they are afraid of invading your personal space, causing any situation that makes you uncomfortable. He will kiss you because he values ​​your love, since you are an admirable person.

3 Love

You can give a kisson the forehead during the intimate act with the couple, this reflects the feeling of happiness, tenderness and affection; especially of commitment and pure love. He or she wishes to touch your soul by uniting their body and yearning to be together for a lifetime.

4 Loyalty

The person who gives the kiss wants to tell you that you are the only one, the one who loves and the one who guides his deepest thoughts. She says goodbye with a kiss on the forehead to express that her heart and soul belong to you, that her love is true and that she is faithful to you.

5 Fortress

This kiss is usually given in difficult moments in life, it is an act that shows support, empathy, guidance and wisdom. When you receive this type of kiss, it will fill your soul with energy, a kind of impulse, motivation and hope will grow in you, to continue fighting against adversity.

6 Gratitude

Usually this kiss on the forehead is given to show gratitude. When you give it, you mean that you value the person, that you feel extremely grateful for everything they do for you and for their unconditional love.

7 I think of you in the distance

Keep my kisses in your soul, because I will think of you in the distance. ” No matter where he or she goes, they will always remain in your thoughts, leaving a mark on your soul. When you kiss the forehead, you want to seal the love and commitment that you have with the person you love.

8 Good wishes

I kiss you on the forehead to wish you blessings in your life “, I want your path to be full of happiness, good wishes and positive things. This type of kiss is magical, powerful, full of hope and faith.

This kiss is commonly given in situations when a person is sick, dejected, or desolate.

9 Your beauty is the soul

The person who gives the kiss means that they have discovered the beauty of your soul, that love and sweetness that you treasure inside. As if it were a kind of magic that makes you unique and special; you are pure, sincere, and valuable.

Don’t stop kissing

The kiss on the forehead activates your brain, increasing perception, intuition and connection with the essence (the soul). Kissing strengthens the bonds with your loved ones, creating a stronger and more indestructible bond. It is not only an act of love, but also of humility, gratitude, respect and affection.

You should even know that kissing activates more than 30 facial muscles, managing to flow the circulation of your entire body, so your physical and emotional health will be benefited.

When you kiss, hormones are released that cause your mood to improve, therefore, you feel happy, with greater confidence in yourself, increasing your self-esteem, reducing anxiety, stress and depression.

The soul connects with spirituality

According to some beliefs, our soul is the essence that makes us alive, for this reason when we kiss on the forehead, in an inexplicable way we are connecting with the spiritual part, with the unknown and the mysterious.  Remember that your soul is the purest and unique thing you have, let others manage to touch it with a kiss.

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