9-month-old Boy Suffers Burns From Something Parents Usually Do

An accident due to a slight carelessness can put the lives of your children at risk …

Summer holidays are coming and the heat begins to suffocate, to the point of wanting to get into a pool for hours and hours to cool off or play directly with the jet of water that comes out of the hose. It is a fun time to share with the family and have a fabulous experience.

Many parents have a portable pool, just place it and fill it with water, in other cases it can be inflated; it is comfortable for parents. However, it is not always fun, sometimes fatal accidents happen.

A case that went viral in a short time was published by Newsnear and Daily mail, where a family wants to alert parents about the dangers of using portable pools.

Dominique Woodger, the mother of a nine-month-old baby, lives in San Tan Valley, Phoenix. That day was very hot, the temperature exceeded 40 ° C (110 ° F), so she decided to take out the pool and have a fun day together with her little one.

I do not listen to the media alerts

At a local station, fire officials warned the community about the dangers that occur when water sitting inside a hose runs off, since the water can reach 65 ° C (150 ° F). At that temperature level, when exposed for a short time, it can cause second degree burns.

A fatal accident

Dominique filled the pool with the water that comes out of her hose, introduced her little one, instantly he began to cry. She hadn’t realized that the water was very hot, she thought her son was crazy, because he always cries when water falls on his face.

The mother began to observe that the entire right side of her body changed color, began to redden and blisters were coming out.

Run to hospital

Doctors diagnosed the baby with second-degree burns, with 30 percent of his body exposed by the boiling water from the hose. Fortunately, the child will recover from the burns. Babies’ skin is more sensitive than adults, so 10 to 20 seconds was enough to burn their skin.

An alert

The mother advises parents to check the water temperature before introducing their little ones to a pool. Unfortunately she learned from mistakes.

What should parents do when their children have suffered a burn accident?

The first aid expert from the Red Cross, Vega Orozco, teaches how to distinguish the severity of a burn and gives some simple tips to cure it.

1. Keep calm

Observe and know how the burn has occurred, which is the part of the skin affected and the depth. The affected part must be measured with the palm of the hand and the fingers extended, it is considered a serious area when it is in the face, hands, feet, genitals, eyes, nose and ear. As well as in the joints or flexion areas. The depth can be distinguished with the naked eye by observing the layers of the skin.

2. Distinguish the type of burn

First grade

: they are superficial, they become red and swollen and there is pain on contact. There are no blisters, usually those caused by the sun, or accidents at home, these are not serious and can be cured.

Second grade

: The skin is raw and blisters are formed. They are painful and require special care.

Third degree

It affects all the layers of the skin, the sensation of pain is lost because the nerves are still affected. The skin begins to change color to black, requires immediate medical attention.

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What to do?

Caused by chemical products: the wound must be cooled with tap water, about 15 to 20 minutes, it is advisable to submerge the affected part, cover the injury with wet gauze, do not apply soap and ointments.

Parents must be alert to prevent their children from being burned, since accidents sometimes happen due to minimal carelessness. It is important to know first aid about burns in children so that they can be treated before taking them to the hospital.

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