9-month-old Baby Dies In The Bathtub While His Mother “was Socializing,” According To The Report

His 7 and 10 year old siblings reportedly tried to revive him.

Kandita Kattenberg, a single mother of 3, allegedly left her 9-month-old in the bathtub while she entertained guests in another room in the home, according to the police report.

In the words of Dave Miles, the sergeant who would have given an interview to the Townsville Bulletin, said that “it is alleged that this mother placed a higher priority on her social activities than on supervising her son in the bathtub.”

Baby Carlyle was found with his 10- and 7-year-old siblings, trying to do their best to revive him, to no avail, according to police.

Kandita will be judged for the neglect of her children.

Accidental drowning of children at home is the leading cause of death

According to the CPSC, drownings in bathtubs, on toilet chairs, and in large containers such as buckets of water have been responsible for the death of 400 children in approximately 5 years.

Children between the ages of 1 and 4 need only a few inches to drown and are the most likely to do so. In a new report, it was determined that in the United States, between 2006 and 2010, there were 684 cases involving children under 5 years of age in these types of accidents and “intentional deaths” in homes.

It may seem like an aberration to parents that never happened, but it does happen

The CPSC recommends some safety measures to avoid this type of tragedy that, however it may have occurred, no parent can be forgiven.

  • Never leave little ones alone near or in places that contain water.

  • Always keep your children in the tub as close to arm’s length as possible.

  • Never leave your young children in the bathtub under the care of their older siblings.

  • Never forget to empty the containers that contain water, even if they only have centimeters of water, in the presence of children under 5 years of age.

  • Consider using locks on the toilets, in case children are drawn to the water in the toilet.

Distractions and the need for parents to relax

When caring for children, it is not unusual for parents to feel the need to take time for themselves, to distract themselves, or to simply spend time with adults; However, it must be borne in mind that the bathtub is not the best option as a babysitter, while you are distracted.

It is recommended that parents take a few hours a week or the time that is possible in each particular case to relax, and thus be able to regain energy and return to the load with all the desire to take care of their children.

Other security measures

  • Avoid dependence on cell phones

  • Avoid that your social life is in the networks only or mostly

  • Try to spend time with yourself as a mother; seek the help of your mother or mother-in-law or someone you trust to give you that time

  • Whatever you do, don’t use the bathtub or sinks as a babysitter; Getting distracted when you are watching your children all the time, is easier than you imagine

  • If you can’t leave your children in the care of someone to relax, find friendships with children your age and plan outings or encounters in which while the adults have a good time, the children are being taken care of properly.

The unfortunate case also reported in the Daily Mail, provides for a 4-month sentence for involuntary death for this mother. The pain is twofold, and there are several ways to avoid these types of losses that sometimes cannot heal.

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