9 Attitudes Killer On The First Date

If you’re planning a date, it’s time to take note of these tips so you don’t have to regret a frustrated romance.

The first date is a crucial moment when it comes to meeting someone. And, as they say, there are no second chances to make a good first impression. So if you don’t want to look bad with who your next partner could be, I invite you to read the different behaviors that are “passion killers” for anyone in that first exclusive moment and that we tend to have sometimes without fully realizing it:

1. Be late

Nobody likes having to wait – one minute, ten, whatever time – for the other person to arrive for an agreed upon appointment. So if it suddenly becomes difficult for you to show up at the agreed time, send a message advising the other person, showing from the first moment the importance of the other person for you.

2. Talk about projections as a couple

Although it is important that the person who will be our partner is clear about who is in front of him, it is also essential to go carefully and, above all, step by step. It is not necessary to talk about children, a possible marriage, or with which of all the close relatives they will spend next Christmas. Slowly but surely, you go far.

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3. Use your ex as a topic of conversation

He is not invited to this instance, rather he should be outlawed. Skip any topic of conversation related to his person, because I assure you that no one – least of all your date – cares about his defects, virtues or the details he had with you.

4. Use your cell phone more than the account

This type of behavior is far from being well seen, on the contrary, it shows that the other is not interesting and it is also a rude gesture. So try to put your phone aside for the duration of the appointment. Any message or call, barring a true emergency, can wait.

5. Pick a horrible place

Each city has its own charm and places that are worth visiting as a couple, so please completely discard that horrible place where you can go with your friends, but not with someone you have just met.

6. Be stingy

Nobody says that the date should be full of luxuries, but it is not necessary to refer to how difficult it is to survive on your salary.

7. Don’t stop talking

Nothing is more terrible than having a conversation with someone who does not stop talking about himself, without having the possibility to dialogue in a fluid way. So let things flow naturally and always be open to listening.

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8. Make reference to the long list of admirers

It is not necessary to prove that you are a public figure or the most sought-after bachelor of the moment. Never fall into the game of comparing the date you are living with another that you have had, much less commenting on the face of your new date.

9. Cave manners

Although it is true it is not necessary that you go to the appointment accompanied by the so popular CarreƱo Manual (a book that refers to manners and good customs in daily life, old-fashioned), it is not worth showing your more careless side -or caveman.

Don’t forget that dating broadly shows us who we want to meet and is essential to achieve successful relationships, but never forget to enjoy them as you, without inventing a character to impress.

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