8 Types Of Women Who Tend To Scare Men Away

If you are wondering why your relationships do not last long, please read the following article that can give you a lot of light and help you to be better when behaving before men.

I often hear these phrases spoken by women: “All men are equal” or “All are cut with the same scissors.” In this article I am going to ask the devil’s advocate and tell you that not only we have excuses to complain about them, because we have also behaved like true neurotics: with actions and attitudes we make our partner’s life hell, and we end up scaring them away .

However, the most significant difference between them and us is that we are willing to put up with their ravings much longer, and to give more opportunities for them to correct their mistakes.

Today I want you to meet eight types of women who tend to scare men away, with the desire that you avoid being one of them or that you correct some gestures and attitudes before it is too late and you jump down a dead-end slide:

1. The desperate

Just as we are scared away by a man who shows desperate cravings not to be alone or who indicates without any subtlety that he wants something with you just days after meeting you, the same happens to them.

It is not that it is bad to want to have something with the man you are attracted to, but you must be subtle and little by little make him feel interested in you; in other words, make him – or believe – the first step. Or if you already have a relationship, then what you should do is show yourself independent and feel more and more interest in you.

2. The cloying

That you leave messages of affection or the odd detail from time to time is great, but do not cross that fine line between being detail-oriented and being sweet, since the excess of affective manifestations can interpret it as harassment, and instead of doing That who you love loves you much more, you will cause them to run away and not even see the dust.

3. The oppressive

Women of this type are characterized by wanting to be 24/7 next to the person they say they love; They do not leave their partner for a minute alone, and if he is away from her, he saturates him with text messages, calls and countless situations to know each step he takes.

In general, these behaviors are assumed by women insecure of themselves, who fear that their partner will be unfaithful at any time. Trust me, acting that way will only cause you to be single soon.

4. The frivolous

It is okay for a woman to take care of herself and be vain, but everything is extremely tiring and more when it reaches the point that her only concern is to see herself as a magazine model, that that is the only thing that matters to her in life.

Although many men look at the physique of a woman, that will not be the only thing that will interest them forever. After that first attraction, they will seek that you are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside. You already know: take care of yourself in every sense of the word, not only for him, but above all for you.

5. Mechanics

This type of girl has a schedule and order for everything, and leaves nothing to chance. The thing is, they are looking for a spontaneous woman who adapts to any plan.

Friend, constipation of mind is not good for any situation in life, and the best thing that can happen to a person is that they are someone who is willing to take risks.

6. The careless

She is the typical woman who takes care of her appearance while she is in the conquest, but once she achieves a stable relationship, she forgets to take care of her to the point that she is untidy and does not skimp on showing her true way of being: careless and disinterested in herself.

It’s not about staying made up and dressed in fashion all the time, but it does mean that even if you don’t look “magazine-like,” take care of yourself.

7. The offensive

They are those who either do not have the grace to tell a joke and when they do, they offend, or those who simply make fun of everyone without paying attention to the feelings of others.

The solution is simple: respect above all else, because no one tolerates for long a person who does not know how to treat his neighbor well.

8. The capricious

The one who behaves like a girl when she wants something and if she doesn’t get it, she will become rude and pushy. Here the remedy is that you are mature and that you know that a relationship is a series of concessions where sometimes you will win and sometimes not so much.

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It is possible that at some point you have had one of those facets because no woman is perfect. However, the fair thing for you and your partner is that -like him- you mature as a result of your mistakes and your growth as a woman, and you are willing to have a happy life next to the one you love.

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