8 Things You Face In Your Second Love

You can have many relationships but when you think you have found true love and you realize that it was not like that, you lose faith to look for it again

You fall in love in many ways throughout your life. Several people may pass through your life who are always leaving you lessons to build in our minds that “ideal” being that you are going to love with you all your life. That is why you should not be afraid if you just had your first crush. You don’t know what surprise destiny may have in store for you.

When you break up with a very intense relationship for the first time and affirm that you will never be able to love like that, you are absolutely right, you never love the same again, each experience is different but that does not mean that you cannot love more. Of course, you must bear in mind that you are going to face 8 different things:

What you face the second time

1. You are scared

You find yourself skeptical that you can love again in the same way as you did with that person who you thought was your ideal man.

2. You don’t give yourself up so fast

As you felt very hurt by breaking up your relationship, you will go very slowly, you will not want to show yourself openly, and much less will you give your heart so quickly.

3. You no longer make it public

You no longer expose your relationship so much by taking selfies to expose it on social networks, you already realized that a relationship is two and it is not necessary to publish everything they do.

4. Increase your observation

It is not so easy to put on a blindfold that does not allow you to see what is really happening with your partner, you can already see their mistakes and defects more clearly.

5. More demanding

You become more demanding as time goes by, because you already know what you will not tolerate again in any other relationship. You have a history of some attitudes or habits that you don’t want to face again.

6. You have another vision

You are sincere with yourself and you accept that this relationship has better things than the previous one and you feel happier. Now you can accept that you tolerated situations that you really did not like, but you endured.

7. You are very lucky

After the sad separation with your ex, now that you know another person with more qualities and virtues than the previous one, you realize that contrary to what you thought before, you are one of the luckiest women that can exist on earth and you should take advantage of it!

8. You are doubly happy

Although it seems not very credible, it is true, the second time you fall in love you do it with greater intensity because since you already fell in love once, you are going to love twice, with greater force.

Having the opportunity to fall in love is already very lucky, to do it for the second or third, or fourth no matter how many times you do it (as long as you don’t hurt people) and don’t worry about it happening to you, love sometimes it takes time to arrive but it arrives. Do not suppress the ability to love people, I assure you that a person who manages to love is happier than those who never do.

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