8 Things Every Mother Should Do With Her Children Before Christmas

You will create unforgettable memories for your children this Christmas. The sooner you start the better!

Now that your children are young is the ideal time to teach them to understand the true meaning of the holidays and Christmas. This is the time when their minds and hearts are fully open to receive from you the teachings that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

The years will go by very quickly, and if you stop doing these important activities with them now, one day you will realize that they are grown and there will be no more time to do them.

If you haven’t done it before, start creating your family traditions today!

These 8 activities cannot be missing in your traditions for Christmas

Have a talk, EVERY year, about the real reason for Christmas

In the midst of decorations, food, gifts, and gatherings, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. This age is about Jesus, his birth and the beginning of the life of love that he lived for us. Do not fail to remind him, every year, that this is the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Explain that Christmas is about giving more than receiving

Help your children discover the joy of giving! There is nothing more beautiful than the heart of a child, they instinctively are kind. Create opportunities for them to brighten the lives of other children too. Find several small gifts that they can wrap and give to their friends, classmates, teachers and so on. After doing so, chat with them and let them explain how it felt to give gifts to these loved ones. If you can, document it on paper or on video.

Donate your time for those most in need

During the holidays, you can find countless opportunities to help those most in need in your community. Get your kids involved and donate your time together. This will help you cultivate empathy and love your neighbor more than any talk you can give about it.

Let them help you decorate the Christmas tree

Decorate the Christmas tree together, but really LET THEM help you. Let them place the balls as far as they can, even if they are all down, let them put repeating colors, leave each one of the little things that they place exactly where they do. Do not accommodate them, then you will have time to decorate your tree to perfection. For now let your little ones do it exactly how they want. I assure you that when you look back, you will remember them as the most beautiful trees of your life.

Add a new ornament

I wish I had started doing this since my child was a baby‚Ķ I started it last year and I love it. Find a ball of a solid color and allow your children to paint or draw on it. If they can write, have them write their name and the date. The purpose is to have a new ornament each year made by your children. Don’t limit yourself to just balls, be creative and look for any object that you can turn into a personified ornament.

Write letters to distant relatives, the family is the most important thing

If your children have a grandmother, an uncle, cousins, or any other relative far from home, help them write Christmas letters for them and send them by mail. With these you will teach them that the family must always remain in our hearts, even if they are at a distance.

Take family pictures

Don’t forget to record your Christmas in a family portrait! In the future, they will be precious treasures for you but especially for your children. Don’t make it too formal, let them decide how to dress or where to do it. The important thing is not that they represent a perfect and orderly image of your family, but the essence of how they really celebrated Christmas.

Be grateful when opening gifts

Don’t forget to teach your children to express their gratitude for the gifts they receive on Christmas morning. Whether the gifts come from Santa Claus, dad, mom or grandparents, it is important that they give thanks for each of them. If you also received gifts, start yourself with the example and they will surely learn from you.

Try to make your children’s parties a moment of joy, love and gratitude. These moments will be recorded as special memories in the memory of your little ones. I wish that all families can come together in love in this magical time. Happy Holidays!

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