8 Signs To Realize You Need A Break

The body shows signs of fatigue and exhaustion, recognizing them in time and resting will improve your performance, productivity and quality of life.

Has it happened to you that in the morning no matter how hard you try, you can’t get up? Do you arrive at work “flying by instruments” and your feet weigh like lead? Or does it happen to you that your topic of conversation is only about when is the next vacation?

The Swedish University of Uppsala, under the direction of psychologist Terry Hartig, found that workers who have had a break, return to their jobs relaxed and happy, which causes the productivity and creativity of work teams to increase and activities routines are resumed in a better way.

Also the State University of New York conducted a study where it interviewed 12,000 men between 35 and 57 years old and showed that those who do not disconnect from their work obligations for at least one week a year, increase the risk of 30% suffer from heart disease

All these results Con bien estar made them public at the same time that he released 8 signals that your body gives to warn you that you need to rest, whether or not you have a vacation.

You can no longer concentrate

The tasks that you regularly did well, suddenly you can no longer perform them, they cost you a lot of work. If this is the case, you should already rest your mind, it is a matter of personal health.

Work is overtaking you

Suddenly you have the impression that your work is overwhelming you, you cannot make decisions or worse, you are constantly making mistakes in details or important things, it is time to rest your mind.

You get sick very often

Constant headaches, body aches, frequent flu, and even diarrhea can be signs that your immune system is weak and is having a hard time protecting itself and recovering from virus attacks in the environment.

Healthy eating, regular exercise and rest are lacking.

Depression and anxiety

This is the product of being subjected to long periods of stress, frequent negative situations and lack of rest. If this is the case, you need to rest to generate feelings of well-being and optimism to continue with work and life.

You forget everything

Office or personal issues escape you, this is already worrying because stress and exhaustion may be becoming chronic and already affecting the part of your brain related to memory.

You are unbearable

Nobody can put up with you because you constantly get angry, everything bothers you and even you notice that you cannot have a quiet conversation or go to a place without feeling upset, you must rest.

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You no longer sleep or you are eating too much

Both issues have to do with the inability to relax and release tension. If you don’t exercise regularly, you won’t be able to rest and even your metabolism will suffer.

You are stopping doing things that you used to like

This is already a serious sign. If you are stopping doing things that previously owe you pleasure, it is time to notify that you should take a break for the good of the company and yours.

Knowing when things are wrong and withdrawing is not weak or incapable, on the contrary! That speaks to your self-esteem, honesty, and humility.

A good worker in human capital who must take care of himself.

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