8 Reasons To Be More Intimate With Your Partner, According To Science

Learn about 8 scientifically proven reasons why having intimate relationships with your partner improves your health.

Perhaps you have noticed that after having an intimate encounter with your partner, the next day you are in a very good mood, with a smile from ear to ear and more affectionate than usual. This is because having intimate relationships is the purest and most wonderful act of love that can exist; It is not only done with the objective of reproduction, but to strengthen the affective bond with your loved one.

Without a doubt, it is a unique moment where bodies are united in a single soul. Practicing it constantly will make you feel loved, full and sure of yourself; But in addition, according to experts, making love also has great health benefits, such as:

1 You feel more relaxed

Perhaps, you have heard your partner tell you “Now I don’t feel like it, I’m tired” ; This phrase puts anyone on edge, as not only do you think about whether you are really tired, but fictional stories are likely to develop in your mind, to the point of feeling unwanted.

When the couple really feels stressed or overwhelmed, their priority will hardly be to have an intimate encounter. I think that what a person wants the most when they feel like this is to get to sleep or think about how to resolve conflicts, not knowing that the best medicine to feel relaxed and improve their health is to have relationships.

This is because the brain releases some chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin which produce a feeling of well-being, relaxation and happiness, while cortisol (stress hormone) levels are lowered.

2 More cheerful

The hormone responsible for producing happiness and well-being is called oxytocin; This is released by the brain when having sexual intercourse; however, it can also be segregated

through caresses, kisses, hugs and any kind of affective stimuli. That is why after having relationships with your partner, you feel happy, very content and you don’t stop smiling.

3 A healthy heart

You have probably noticed that your heart begins to beat faster than normal when you run, walk or jump; this is because you are doing aerobic exercise. The same happens when you have intimate relationships with your partner.

The expertsthey say that men who are intimate two or more times a week are less likely to have a heart attack; Since exercising causes the blood to be pumped faster, increasing circulation and distributing oxygen throughout the body. By logic, the heart will strengthen.

4 you stay in shape

Passionate kisses, body rubbing, intense caresses, and unusual movements cause every muscle in the body to work out when having sex. Therefore, you can tone your body and lose those extra pounds to stay in shape.

Even a investigation states that the energy expenditure during sexual activity in men is 100 kilocalories and 76.2 in women. So having sex is considered a meaningful exercise.

5 You sleep like a little angel

Sleep disorders are important factors that put our health at risk, ranging from obesity, cardiovascular diseases or heart attacks; even when we don’t sleep we are more likely to lose focus and become clumsy. Therefore, we must make sure to sleep for the recommended 7 to 8 hours; as it is vital to our health.

When you have intimate relationships, the brain releases prolactin after climax. This hormone causes people to sleep after a sexual encounter. We can even say that by resting well, you will be more likely to experience sexual desire the next day.

6 No more flu and colds

We know that our body is very intelligent by nature; Sometimes it is not necessary to take medicine, since with a good rest and a rich chicken broth, we can get rid of a cold.

Experts say that the number of antibodies in our body increases just after orgasm, as a way of preventing diseases, since there is a significant increase in bacteria during sex. Therefore, it is important to consider giving ourselves to love to completely forget about suffering from those annoying and annoying flu.

7 An ally for men

Although it is hard to believe, having intimate encounters is good for prevent prostate cancer. Dr. Michael Leitzmann, of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda Maryland, and colleagues,they examinedthe association between the frequency of ejaculation with this disease. These studies confirm that the more ejaculations you have, the more likely you are to reduce your risks.

8 Less pain

If you are one of those women who go to bed when they have colic or who spend their time arguing with the first person they can reach for a severe headache, this is great news!

Several studies have shown that sexual activity reduces menstrual pain, chronic pain in the back, legs and, if that were not enough, migraine. This is possible because the brain, by releasing chemicals such as well-being hormones, helps the body to produce an analgesic effect, causing the woman to increase her tolerance to pain to 75%.

So now you know, get romantic and get ready to enjoy love fully. Remember, that magical and unique moment that unites you in body and soul, must always be unforgettable.

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