8-month-old Girl Doesn’t Let Her Parents Touch Her; The Mother After Years Discovers The Reason

Discover the symptoms and learn what to do in such a situation.

Adoption is an alternative for those parents who long to have children and have not been able to do so for many reasons. Within the orphanages there are many children who also want to have loving parents and live happily. So, thinking about adoption is a hope for both parties.

Tina Traster and Rick, they are a spectacular couple, they wanted to have children, however, they never managed to fulfill their dreams, so adoption was an alternative to become parents. The story was shared by Newsner and other media, where they relate the reasons that the little girl had, not letting her parents touch her.

A demonstration of love without receiving anything in return

Julia grew up in a Siberian orphanage in Russia, when she was adopted she was 8 months old. The parents felt happy and blessed by the arrival of their new daughter, however, it was not long before Tina realized that some of Julia’s behaviors were strange.

The little girl completely rejected the hugs, caresses, kisses and any type of physical contact that the parents demonstrated as an act of love. The mother felt terrible, she even thought that she had made a mistake in adopting her daughter, that she was not made to be a mother.

Julia did not express any emotion, did not meet eyes, and most of the time she was listless.

Years of suffering

The devastated parents resigned themselves and thought that the little girl was of a bad character. When suddenly when entering school (kindergarten), Tina observed that her daughter was isolated, she had no friends, she even found her hiding under the teacher’s desk sometimes.

A visit to the doctor

The parents took the little girl to the pediatrician, where the specialist discovered that Julia suffered from a reactive accessory disorder (RAD), better known as Attachment Disorder. It is a disease that prevents infants and young children from building emotional bonds with adults. They usually affect children who were abandoned and placed in an orphanage.

Julia did not know how to express her emotions, having been traumatized and abandoned by her biological parents. However, the parents followed all the doctor’s orders and worked to help their daughter regain her emotions and confidence.

A slow recovery

The parents continue to work for their little girl to recover, even the mother documented in her book Rescue Julia Twice, the constant work that Julia has done to heal. Fortunately, little by little, the little girl has shown spectacular changes.

What is Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

It is the lack of an affective bond during childhood, an inability to relate socially. Those affected have difficulty understanding how their behavior affects others. Even they can attack and cause damage as a defense, without showing remorse.

Due to the lack of emotions, children can have depressive problems, anxiety and self-harm. In times of stress, they often hit their heads, bite, scratch or date.

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Self injury, lack of feelings of guilt or remorse, do not answer questions, denial of responsibility, little eye contact, are challenging, domineering, manipulative and want to control situations.

Sometimes they tend to steal, assault, have inappropriate sexual behaviors, attachment, abnormal eating habits, do not control impulses, tend to lie and have problems speaking.

Common causes

Live traumatic experiences such as abuse, separation, intellectual disability, insecurity, fear.


Attachment therapy, psychosocial support, psychotherapeutic interventions, family and individual therapies.

It is important to detect symptoms early to get help as soon as possible. Treatments include the affected person and the parents or adults around them.

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