8 Foods That Fight Against Inflammation And Joint Pain

Arthritis is no longer an exclusive problem for the elderly, because today many people, including young people, are manifesting a lot of pain and joint problems due to the physical activities to which they are subjected.

Many of us don’t think about taking care of our joints in order to avoid arthritis in old age. And the consequences of these neglects do not take long to appear, for example, in the case of women, adding overweight and obesity (which men can also accuse), while in the case of men, sports injuries ( of which they are not exempt too).

So if you are already in your thirties, it is very important that you consider these points:

Lose weight and stay at your healthy weight

Think about this: once you turn 40, you will not be able to lose weight so easily, and generally, from this age you gain weight much faster. So make it a goal to hit your forties at your correct weight and stick with it.

Playing exercise or low-impact sports

Swimming is ideal for losing weight, strengthening muscles and not punishing the joints.

Have a flexibility and stretching routine

Regardless of whether or not you exercise, or even if you play a sport, you should spend a few minutes stretching and doing push-ups before going to sleep and when you wake up. Check out some yoga postures that allow you to stretch and flex your spine, move your knees and hips, mainly. Tai-chi (Chinese martial art that improves both physical and mental quality of life) is a great option to practice.

In addition to that, there are eight foods that if you consume them you can counteract the inflammation and pain in the joints that causes arthritis. Ruth Frechman, author of the book Food is my diet amiga ( The food is my friend diet ), says that there are certain foods specializing in combat inflammation and help control weight, in turn, relieves pressure on joints .

What are those food groups? Let’s see, take note:

1. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage

These vegetables contain sulforaphane, which helps slow cartilage damage in osteoarthritic joints.

2. Garlic

For centuries garlic has been attributed many properties that science has proven today. Garlic contains diallyl disulfide; According to some studies, this compound limits the damage of enzymes that destroy cartilage.

3. Turmeric

One of the quintessential anti-inflammatories, which together with ginger works wonders. You can buy both tubers fresh at the supermarket and eat them grated, adding them to your food or drinking them as tea. There are even those who use them as poultices.

4. Lemon, orange and vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C such as kiwi, pineapple and melon are very useful, so you prefer their consumption over the vitamin in pills, since these in large quantities can generate stones in the kidneys.

5. Cherries and blueberries

They have anthocyanin, which by the way gives it its red color, and drinking their juice is proven to reduce pain.

6. Onion

Another food with legendary properties. It contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory.

7. Sunflower and linseed seeds

Sunflower is rich in vitamin E and folic acid, while flaxseed is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids and thiamine, all necessary to reduce inflammation and keep the joints well lubricated.

8. Sesame

This seed is rich in calcium and selenium; It is also tasty raw or roasted and you can consume it simply by adding it to your salads and food.

Remember: prevention will always be much better and incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your life will ward off disease for many years.

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