8 Female Health Problems That Are Embarrassing But Should Never Ignore

Although you are ashamed to tell what happens to you, if you have these symptoms you should go to the doctor, before it becomes something MORE SERIOUS.

In times where “Mr. Google” always has an answer, many people turn to the internet to get immediate information about something that worries them.

Health problems are one of the most sought after topics on the web, since there are many who prefer to ask about their symptoms on the networks before going to a doctor. This is especially the case when the health problem makes the sufferer feel ashamed. But, it is best that you go to the doctor, who will give you a more reliable answer.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter. When I did my routine blood tests and went to get the results, I saw that I had tested positive for toxoplasmosis. I frantically searched the internet about it, since I was still a few days away from seeing my doctor. I was distraught to find a lot of information that only made me scared. Later, the doctor told me that it was better if the test had been positive, because now I had already acquired the antibodies and my daughter could never acquire toxoplasmosis. This was a clear example of how the doctor had the correct answer and, although the internet helped to clear up some doubts, my peace of mind came once I made the medical consultation.

Health problems that embarrass you

Yes, although doctors have studied to cure us, we are still ashamed to consult them about certain things. I, for example, have a gynecologist, because I never felt comfortable with a male gynecologist; I just shy away from talking about certain things.

The Little Things site collects a series of diseases and ailments that, even if they make you blush, you should consult your doctor:

1 hemorrhoids

Much of the population suffers from this scourge, which causes great pain when going to the bathroom, as the anal mucosa becomes inflamed and may even bleed. According to the Onmeda site, it is estimated that more than 50% of people older than 30 years have thickened hemorrhoids that cause discomfort, which is called suffering from hemorrhoidal disease. Actually, all people have hemorrhoids, because that is the name of the submucosal tissue where the venules and arterioles of the anal canal are contained. They are only pathological when the flow of blood in this area of ​​blood vessels is interrupted. The causes of hemorrhoidal disease can be constipation, being overweight, an improper diet, and a congenital weakness of the connective tissue. Do not stay with the pain, consult the doctor, because if it is very serious they can operate and relieve the pain.

2.Excessive sweating

Many people are ashamed of having hyperhidrosis, a condition in which a person sweats excessively and unpredictably. Also, they can sweat even when the temperature is cool or when they are at rest, according to the Medline Plus site. This medical condition affects a lot emotionally, since people who suffer from it can sweat unpredictably and feel uncomfortable in public places. Go to the doctor, since there is some medication to counteract the effects of hyperhidrosis.

3.Bacterial vaginosis

Many women wear a lot of panty liners every day as they feel that their vagina excretes too much odor, or a stronger odor than normal. Buying scented pads and pads or washing the intimate area many times a day is not the solution, as it could aggravate the problem. If your intimate area has too much odor, you could suffer from bacterial vaginosis, that is, you could have bacteria or fungi that are causing the bad smell, or even itching. A routine gynecological examination can solve the mystery and surely your doctor will indicate some suitable medication. Bad odor is not just an aesthetic problem, it can lead to bigger problems.

4.Lack of libido

Many men and women feel that their sexual desire has decreased. It is not a reason to be ashamed, as there could be physical and emotional factors that are interfering with the desire. Many women who take birth control, for example, notice their libido drops dramatically. Consult the doctor to get rid of your doubts.

5 urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is quite common and you shouldn’t be ashamed. I remember when I gave birth to my children, that during the first months, when I sneezed, I felt a few drops of urine escape. My pelvic floor was still not fully recovered; but then over time and with specific exercises for the pelvic floor, the muscle tone began to return to normal. Incontinence can be controlled; Consult your doctor and he will be able to help you.

6 acne in adulthood

The pimples on the face is not only a teenager thing. Adults can suffer from acne too, due to a variety of factors. Food and the hormonal issue. As well as stress or cosmetic products, they may be influencing the appearance of acne. Consult with a dermatologist.

7.Anal itching

It is one of the problems that can cause the most modesty; and is not for less. Anal itching can be due to many factors: bacterial infections, intestinal parasites, and hemorrhoids. The doctor has already seen other cases, do not be ashamed to tell him, since he can give you the solution and remove the itch immediately.

8.Excessive hair growth

For women, excessive body hair growth is a big problem. No woman likes having hairy arms, or having to wax some areas of the face every few days. If your body hair grows in some areas, you should consult immediately, as it may be a hormonal problem.

Go to the doctor. They will not see anything new that they have not seen before; and you will leave with an answer and a solution to your problem. Share so that everyone is encouraged to tell their health problems that are so embarrassing.

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