8 Dangers, That You Can’t Even Imagine, From Which You Should Protect Your Daughters Women

Some of your everyday attitudes leave your daughter unprotected from certain dangers that you thought were innocent. Take your precautions and don’t get a nasty surprise.

Having a daughter is a wonderful gift. But, at the same time, it constitutes a challenge, because women see our security violated day after day, and there are certain precautions that you must take if you want to protect your daughter. However, even if you think that you are doing everything to take care of her, there are certain things that can slip through our hands and make your child face unexpected dangers.

Since always, for a question of a cultural nature, women are seen as fragile. The feminist movements intend to demonstrate – with all their right – that this is not the case. Although it is true that women are very strong and we can do everything that men do, there are still certain risks that we run every day. If you have a daughter, you most certainly take care of her, accompany her, take her and bring her from school, work and her friends’ house, and you are aware of her physical integrity at all times.

However, there are certain everyday events that are often almost invisible and that, however, can put our daughter’s life in danger. Not only physical danger, but also moral and spiritual. To raise strong daughters we must raise safe and good people. A girl who has been raised with strong values ​​and in an emotionally healthy environment will be an independent and confident adult.

Here are eight dangers that we should avoid or neutralize if we don’t want our daughter to be in danger:

1. Free use of social networks

It is well known how much young people like social networks. The problem now is that children want to use these when they are very young. According to Unicef, the risks that children make free use of social networks such as Facebook can be commercial, sexual, ethical and moral. A girl should not have access to social networks or, at least, its use should be done under the strict supervision of her parents. Likewise, the publication of the photographs should be regulated by an adult, since girls tend to upload photos where their body is exposed and, therefore, free stalking from bullies.

2. The daily use of makeup and extravagant clothes

Girls love to put on makeup and dress to look like “mom” or the trendy singer. When they are older, some teenagers begin to wear makeup as a habit. However, this puts your personal safety at risk. Beyond burning a stage, an 11 or 12-year-old girl who goes out on the streets with makeup and heels can be an easy target for sexual abusers. According to a report by the newspaper El País, the hypersexualization of girls in modern society slowly puts their innocent childhood world in check.

3. The obligation to kiss

Come on, be respectful, give your uncle a kiss! How many times have we said this to our daughter? I never force mine to kiss someone she doesn’t want. It is not about bad manners, but about educating her to respect her own body. Imagine that girls grow up with the idea that kissing a stranger is okay. Their behavior is programmed for years to dislike doing something they don’t want to do, and to kiss people they don’t want to kiss. Doesn’t that sound dangerous to you? Of course, it is not about being rude or denying the grandparents a welcome kiss, but it is about making it clear to people that our daughter is not going to kiss a stranger, just like that.

4. Not having control of your mobile phone

We live in a society in which many children “send” their parents, the children decide. Our parents come from a generation of extremely strict parents and, perhaps for this reason, now the current parents have been more lax in matters of discipline. However, there are things that must be as they should be. A 7, 10 or 12 year old girl cannot have a mobile phone in her custody and not want to give it to you when you ask for it. As adults, it is our duty to pick up the phone and check the applications, emails and who they are in contact with, as well as review their conversations. It is not an invasion of privacy since, in these times, our daughters are in too much danger from cyber bullies.

5. Flatten her to the extreme

Our girl is always the prettiest, yes. We have all told our daughter that she is “the most beautiful in the world.” The Red Cross has denounced that living in a family very aware of aesthetics is one of the determining factors for a girl to develop bulimia or anorexia. It’s okay to flatter her and boost her self-esteem considerably; But if you focus only on the physical appearance and talk to others about your daughter about how beautiful she is, but do not mention her virtues or abilities, you run the risk that the girl understands that the most important thing is beauty and the exterior.

6. Put a television in his room

It is true that many children ask to have a TV in their room. But it is also true that you can be the “baddest mother in the world” if you do not agree to her request. Leaving aside that a girl has free access to television, we will be creating an environment of danger. The lack of parental supervision is one of the keys, since the child can turn on and change the channel, and many times the adult does not know or control what the child sees. Despite having certain channels blocked and you can only access children’s channels, you will be creating an environment prone to family disintegration, since television will reduce the time that the child spends with the family.

7. Sleepovers

This may sound harsh, but when girls get too used to sleepovers, their moral and mental integrity can be in jeopardy. You can leave it in a trustworthy house, but the night is long and you will never know the dangers that may occur, nor the people who sleep there. In addition, pajama parties are a tempting setting for girls seeking new experiences and then games such as “truth or consequence” or the dangerous Ouija game are developed, where they invoke spirits.

8. Let her come back alone at night

When we think that our daughter is “older”, many times we make the mistake of giving her too much freedom to make her feel independent and secure. But this attempt can be expensive. Young women do not pay much attention to all the dangers that may lie in wait for them; And although we think and trust that it will be fine, there are certain situations in which, as parents, we must be. For example, looking for her when leaving a nightclub, or waiting for her at the corner where she gets off the bus are small actions that contribute to making her feel safe and cared for by you.

In addition to the care that we can provide as parents, our children must be supported by the protection provided by the State. In Hermosillo, for example, the city began to regain safety on the streets thanks to a comprehensive strategy promoted by its Municipal President, Maloro Acosta. This city in the state of Sonora saw its crime rate drastically reduced thanks to a million-dollar investment in equipment and technology, as well as in the installation of street lights and the constant circulation of police mobiles.

A safe city means caring and happy citizens. In Hermosillo, justice, security and equity are fundamental and paramount values ​​for the Government, and this is clear, its citizens know it.

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