8 Benefits Of Breastfeeding That You Have To Know

It is white gold. Feed your baby’s body and soul. But also, breastfeeding brings great benefits for you, mom.

When we talk about breast milk, we immediately think of all the benefits it brings to children; controversy even breaks out between breastfeeding and formula. Later, all women begin to tell experiences, personal experiences or those of a friend, and a controversial talk can be put together that can last for hours. But today, in this article we are going to focus first on the many benefits that a mother gets when she breastfeeds her baby.

I tell you?

1 Breast milk is part of the natural reproductive process, what does that mean?

When breastfeeding occurs since the baby is born, uninterruptedly and with frequent feedings, ovulation and menstruation are interrupted. natural way, because the hormones of lactation interfere with those of ovulation, preventing it, and therefore avoiding being fertile (and therefore, pregnancy).

This is natural and normal, however, it should not be taken as a contraceptive method as it can fail, since hormones change when the mother introduces other foods to the baby and reduces milk intakes. Even menstruation may or may not appear, and the woman begins to be fertile and become pregnant.  The more milk the baby has, the less chance of pregnancy, but it is not an exact rule and varies from woman to woman.

What is a fact is that while you breastfeed, your body produces the hormones you require for your recovery and that is already very good for you.

2 Breastfeeding produces the hormones necessary to contract the uterus

When the uterus contracts, it also helps to eliminate fluids, lochia (remains of blood and placenta), increases the levels of oxytocin, the hormone that helps reduce bleeding after childbirth and consequently, the mother recovers her figure more quickly.

3 Breastfeeding helps weight loss in a healthy way

The only healthy way for a woman to lose weight and recover after giving birth is to breastfeed.

After giving birth, the woman should not ingest any product, medicine or scrubber to lose weight as it puts her own health and that of her child at risk.

4 Reduces the risk of osteoporosis and cancer

There are several studies that show that these two health problems are directly related to breastfeeding. Women who breastfed their babies for longer periods of time report a lower incidence of uterine and ovarian cancer, as well as less breast cancer.

5 Breastfeeding is faster , healthier and even economical

It is not the same to prepare a bottle that you must sterilize, wash constantly, buy milk, heat the water and give the baby with a pacifier that causes him to swallow air and later give him colic, to simply find a comfortable place to breastfeed the baby .

Some women may find it a bit uncomfortable at first to breastfeed their little one, but as you take practice, it turns out to be the easiest, healthiest, and cheapest thing to do.

6 The mother relaxes

While the baby eats, prolactin is produced, the hormone responsible for producing milk, causing a relaxing effect for her and her little one; And this, believe it or not, relaxes the mother and makes her rest. Nature is truly incredible, you just have to let natural processes take place and what seems to be so stressful is designed to rest in a very demanding period of life for women.

7 The relationship between the son and the mother is strengthened

The eye contact that mother and child achieve is of great benefit on an emotional level, it is indispensable and highly satisfactory.

8 Women’s self-esteem increases

When the woman sees and knows that she is capable of feeding her child, many positive things happen in the mother’s mind and spirit, she relaxes, increases her self-esteem and confidence, making her maternity it is assumed and developed in a much better way.

And for the baby, 2 great uses of breast milk that you may not have known

1 Popsicles or breast milk ice cream

This is a great secret that I wish more women knew because it would save them a lot of headaches. When children start to show their first teeth, they suffer a lot of discomfort, and the crying and discomfort drive mothers crazy.

For those days you can start preparing saving a few ounces of milk and freeze them in a popsicle mold or in a cup with a stick, such as a popsicle.

When your little one has the discomfort, instead of giving him a possibly dirty toy that is not going to calm his discomfort, you offer him the paddle. The cold will numb your gums and you will be ingesting all the properties that breast milk gives you. You don’t need to add anything to it.

2 Milk bank

Mothers know the benefits of breast milk and we also know the difficulties that some may have to produce it. If you have the good fortune to produce enough milk for your baby and even a little more, you can share it with other mothers who do not have the same possibility.

Currently there milk banks  In many localities where there are even collection services, the milk is processed with health controls and distributed to hospitals and mothers who require it for the benefit of the little ones.

Now you know a little more about the many benefits of this wonderful product that women can generate for our children, and to help the children of other women, who like us are also striving to raise and train the new generation in the best possible way. . When among women we support each other instead of disqualifying ourselves, everything starts to work better and the benefits are incalculable. Do not forget.

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