7-year-old Boy Dies After His Parents Treat His Ear Infection With These Remedies; The Danger Behind

The decision of their parents had an impact on their children’s health and the infection brought irreparable consequences, now they would face criminal charges.

Parents decide to treat their 7-year-old son for otitis with alternative medication, with irreparable consequences. What to do when traditional medicine faces homeopathy.

An otitis treated only with homeopathic medication

Italy woke up last Saturday moved by the announcement in the Corriere Della Sera where a boy of only 7 years old had been declared brain dead, after presenting otitis and having been treated with homeopathic medicines, according to what was published in the Huffington Post.

Francesco’s parents treated the child from the age of three only with homeopathic medicines, and refused the use of antibiotics. Therefore, on other occasions that the child had suffered from otitis, they consulted Dr. Massimo Mecozzi, who this time told them that the child would improve in a few days.

Unfortunately the little one got worse, and began with symptoms of loss of consciousness, vomiting, and the fever never went down, so in the middle of last week the parents decided to take him to the hospital in the area. Although doctors performed emergency surgery and treated the boy with antibiotics, they were unable to save the boy’s life, leaving behind a controversial issue, and a court case.

Who is responsible?

This is what always happens in these cases, when everything is done, and the consequences are regrettable, you have to find someone responsible, so the child’s grandfather told the media :

«He has killed our family, for his delusion of omnipotence. Homeopathy has nothing to do with it. Only him, and he will pay! », Referring to the homeopathic doctor, he will also denounce him to justice as the only person responsible.
On the other hand, the Italian justice launched an investigation for wrongful death against the parents when they learned that they had “given their consent” not to treat their son with antibiotics.

Homeopathy as an alternative medicine

I think it’s okay to say ‘alternative’ when talking about homeopathy as medicine.

By definition, the basis of these drugs lies in the “similarity” that is, a substance that causes an irregularity in a healthy person, can be used in small amounts to cure a person with the same symptom. Making drugs through dilution in water or alcohol of the substance that causes the disease in infinitesimal form.

Under the belief that it is an ancient medicine, it is sometimes thought to be efficient and sometimes even miraculous, because this medicine has no side effects, and as people say “it’s just water.” However, this type of medication began to be used 200 years ago (not thousands), and although it does not have side effects, there is no evidence that it cures the disease, and as in this case of the child with otitis, there are cases of patients who they have died for rejecting the use of traditional medicine.

Otitis in children, its complications

According to conventional medicine, otitis is common in babies from 6 to 24 months and in children, due to the accumulation of water in the ear after bathing, or the use of the bottle lying down or due to a simple cold. It is considered an inflammation in the inner or outer ear, sometimes causing an infection.

The most common symptoms:

They tend to be that the baby rubs the ear more than normal with his hands, or that he is irritable and if an infection occurs he has a fever. Remember that this is often accompanied by a bad cold where the accumulation of mucus can clog the Eustachian tubes (a small tube connects the throat to the middle ear).

Many times if the baby or child has inflammation of the middle ear, doctors recommend a regular anti-inflammatory medication. Only when the child has a high fever due to infection is it treated with antibiotics.


But when things get complicated, an «Acute Mastoiditis» can occur, an infectious-inflammatory problem that attacks the mastoid cavities, including not only in the mucous layer but also in the bony part of it, with surgical intervention and antibiotics being the only way of treating her, which apparently happened to Francesco.

Taking care of your child is justified by a personal belief

Surely at this point in the article, you will think that your child’s health comes first, however I would not be writing this article if this had not happened.

The health of children and also that of adults needs to be assisted by an experienced professional. In the case of minors, who and what type of medicine, remedies, therapies, etc. They are administered to save their lives or preserve their health, it is up to the elders to be responsible for them, as we know, due to age limitations, children cannot decide this for themselves. For this simple reason, while natural medicine remains an alternative, with an emphasis on the word ‘alternative’, it is extremely important that as parents we consult with a traditional doctor regarding the illness or health of our children.

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