7 Ways You Can Show The True Christmas Spirit

Consider these tips to show your true Christmas spirit.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. For millions of people around the world it is a date to celebrate, commemorate and enjoy as a family. But it is also a time when we must reflect introspectively. Jesus was born to save us, in what way are we saving those most in need?

Some years ago, when Pope Francis was still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, he published aArticleabout the Christmas spirit. In it, Francisco talks about the idea about what we call the Christmas spirit, and explains that it is about the hope that Christians have in that definitive reunion with the second arrival of the Lord.

Anchoring in the everyday, the leader of the Catholic Church proposes that the true spirit of Christmas consists in saying peace to our brothers, in consolidating that hope that floods us every Christmas, and transferring it to the whole of the coming year. “Receive that peace that makes it possible, in the midst of so much fog, that we can meet again as brothers, ” he says.

How to show the Christmas spirit

Although, according to scientists, the Christmas spirit is in the brain, I think it is in the heart. For many people, Christmas is a date of nostalgia, for those who are no longer there, but for many others it means one more reason to celebrate and meet those they love.

You can place lights, buy the most beautiful tree, have the best decoration in your home, and serve the most delicious delicacies. But the true celebration comes from the heart, from the soul. From the depths of your being.

There is nothing more rewarding than giving. As the popular saying goes, “the gift is not in the package, but in the hand of the person who gives it.” We can bring out our true Christmas spirit with small actions that will gratify your heart and with which you will feel that you are doing something for others.

Actions that will revive your Christmas spirit

Simple actions but that will comfort your being. You can carry it out not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.

1. Visit a nursing home or orphanage

There are many people who are alone in the world. Christmas is a time when feelings arise, and the elderly and children are the most vulnerable. Make time in your life to accompany those who need it most. A conversation, a smile, a few minutes of your time will be enough to brighten someone’s life.

2. Select toys and clothes to donate

Whatever creed they are, children love receiving toys at Christmas. Santa has crossed the borders and there is hardly any child in the world who does not wait for his arrival. Select those toys that are in good condition but that your children no longer use; and take them to the orphanages. You can do the same with clothes. If possible, wrap them in paper. There is nothing more beautiful for a child than opening a gift and seeing their happy faces.

3. Invite someone who is alone to spend Christmas Eve

Maybe you know someone who has no one to spend Christmas Eve with. It is a good opportunity to invite him to dinner with your family, and do a good deed. That person will be infinitely grateful, because nobody likes to spend such an important date alone.

4. Take advantage of reconciliation

Forgiveness should always be the option, and not just on these dates. But taking advantage of the feelings that are on the surface, you can approach that person with whom you have had some kind of lawsuit, and forgive them. If that is not possible, you can simply forgive her in your heart. God will acknowledge your true repentance.

5. Help that homeless person

There are many shapesto do so. Providing a plate of food, reaching out to ask what they need, volunteering, organizing a neighborhood drive, offering a conversation, or just a cup of warm milk. You can also take these people to your place of worship, to bring them closer to another truth that can change the course of their life.

6. Have extra food ready

When someone knocks on your door for help, you can’t always offer money. But you can offer a plate of food, or something for that person to bring to the family table. It won’t mean too much to you, more than a few extra minutes and a few more coins from your pocket, but that noble gesture can change the day for those most in need.

7. Protect your pets and offer shelter to street dogs

In many countries, people often use fireworks at Christmas and New Year celebrations. Many of them make loud noises and the street animals get scared, stressed and even die. Take care of your animals from this danger. Let it enter the house or protect it from the elements. If possible, let street dogs in until you pass the noises. The four-legged friends will thank you with their tail moving at full speed.

That lasts all year

The holiday spirit shouldn’t magically disappear on December 26. While it is true that what we feel at Christmas we do not feel at any other time of the year, it would be good if our noble intentions and actions do not disappear overnight.

May charity, compassion and mercy anchor deep in your heart this Christmas and may they last forever. That the consumerism of these dates is not the only thing that occupies the mind. It is nice to receive and give gifts, but it should not be the only thing we focus on.

Value family time. That shared dinner. The sound of the twelve chimes while you toast with your loved ones. That brotherly hug. That hope that is renewed and gives us courage and desire to advance more and more.

May the Christmas spirit delve into your heart and may it last forever. Merry Christmas!

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