7 Ways To Rescue That Loved One Who Has Lost Their Way In Adversity

Consider him worthy of ransom, no matter his circumstances, and God will act through you.

The pain and grief that life sometimes entails are severe triggers that change or affect, to a greater or lesser extent, the path of people. Accepting that this path may be yours or that of a loved one will help you recognize the value of each individual, awakening, at the same time, the impetuous desire to help and rescue those in need.

As Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a prominent religious leader, put it when addressing the following words to members of his community: “The Lord is aware of his lost children, so he will seek them, find them, and restore them. … Truly, God sees his children as deserving of the ransom.

After reading these lines, you may have remembered that son, brother, father, cousin, nephew or friend who, in the face of life’s adversity, has been lost. That loved one who, due to health or financial problems, separations or emotional losses, has fallen into the depths of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression or other ills.

As you think about that person who is so important to you, and to God, perhaps you are wondering: what can I do to help him? How can God rescue him when he has fallen so low? Well, the answer to these questions is simple: consider him worthy of the ransom and God will act through you.

No matter how lost he is or how low he is, your words and your actions for him or her can be decisive; Your love and understanding can become that accurate compass it requires to return home safely.

In this vein, I share with you this simple manual that contains seven significant ways to help and rescue that loved one who has lost their way in the face of adversity:

1. Don’t judge him and tell him about a new beginning

Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama and important spiritual leader, said, “Love is the absence of judgment.” So if you really want to rescue that son, brother or father, remove all negative judgments you have about him from your heart. Do not criticize him, despite the unpleasant circumstances in which he finds himself or for the serious faults he has committed.

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2. Put yourself in their shoes

Visualize yourself in their circumstances and their challenges. Imagine how you would have felt to live a situation like the one he experienced. Perhaps, then, you understand why he made the decisions that led him down that terrible path of pain and grief that he is in.

Show him that you can have empathy for the simple fact of being human with similar weaknesses and flaws.

3. Listen to their condition

Let him speak as much as he needs to. Listen to it very carefully. Do not say anything that can inhibit him and prevent him from freeing himself of those burdens that suffocate him and do not let him continue. Your silence can be that healing medicine that your soul and spirit demand for your recovery.

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4. A hug communicates life

Extend your arms to him and make him feel protected, comforted and rescued. Remember that he, more than anyone, needs to feel all the affection and affection of his loved ones and friends.

5. The power of tears

Don’t be afraid to cry next to him. Knowing that someone else is suffering and sharing your sorrow and grief will help you feel accompanied in this difficult process of rescue and restoration.

6. Love until it hurts

Teresa of Calcutta, a renowned Catholic missionary, said the following about love: «Love until it hurts. If it hurts is a good sign”. And indeed, truly loving that person will make you feel their pain and sadness as your own. Loving her with that degree of intensity will make it possible for you to help her bear her burdens until she can totally free herself from them. And feeling loved will make you see yourself as absolutely worthy of ransom.

7. Help him restore the ruins and rubble of his life

Once he understands that he deserves to be happy, despite his mistakes, he must collect and restore the ruins of that life he once had. So, if you need to find a new job or are born to resume those positive activities that you did before, push it and motivate it. Don’t let go of it until it strengthens its own foundation by itself. Convince him that all is not lost and that a new beginning can take place.

Finally, as you finish this complex rescue process, don’t forget to remind him how much God loves him for being his son and his greatest treasure.

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