7 Virtues That We Find In A True Friend

Many times people often call anyone who does a favor or a party partner a “friend”, but there is no true assessment of the virtues that a real friend can have.

Someone once told me: “loves you are going to find many, but true friends, very few” and what reason was he. Throughout our lives and at each stage we get to know thousands of people who help us to grow in the workplace, the spiritual and in our growth as individuals; but very few stay to be part of our present.

There are friends with whom you can share a good talk, a meal, a hobby, a meeting perhaps, but not all of you can count on when you have a problem, as not all have the virtue of truly listening to you, or of telling you what they really think. When we talk about friendship, we usually look for people who are similar to us, beings who share qualities and defects, ways of thinking, aspirations, personal situations, etc. The funny thing is, even so, we don’t always choose the best for ourselves. Therefore, I suggest qualities to look for in people to consider them true friends.

1. True listeners

Hearing and listening will never be the same. When you hear, you only perceive the sounds, while when you listen, you pay attention to the words and even the movements. When the person listens, they analyze the information so they can give you their opinion when you ask for it.

2. Partner

Many people are considered a friend because they are together at meetings or parties; but when it comes to other situations, they move away, that is, only in the joys they become present. This is wrong, one must be a participant in their happy moments but also in their sadness and worries.

3. Sincerity

This is one of the most difficult qualities to find, because people find it very difficult to say what they really think and instead of looking for a “subtle” way of saying it, they prefer to lie, and as the phrase goes: “it is better to hurt with the truth, than to destroy with a lie ».

4. Solidarity

Neither selfishness nor envy fit in a friendship. There are people who call themselves “comrades”, but when they have the opportunity to help you they don’t, their selfishness puts it above all else. They don’t want you to grow up or be in a better situation. The true friend is a rock that serves as support and anchor.

5. Respect

No person can be the same as you, simply because you are born, grow and develop differently. But on many occasions, there is the false idea that friends should act as they are told or should think the same. It is one thing to give advice and a very different thing is that you have to do or think what you say, you must respect the decision you want to make.

6. Trust

Uncommon quality, but not impossible to find. And I’m not just referring to a particular confidence, but the fact of entrusting someone else with PART OF YOUR LIFE.

7. See in the background

Good friendships are those that are capable of bringing out the best in you. From your weaknesses it will draw your strengths and no matter how clumsy or weak you feel, there will always be things that only a true friend is capable of seeing and promoting.

There is a time when our children want to be a true copy of Mom and Dad. But in adolescence, the voice of friends will almost always carry much, much more weight than the opinion of parents. That is why I invite you to teach your children to choose good friends. To a large extent, your future will depend on it.

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