7 Valuable Tips For Your Faith To Move Mountains

Move mountains with the conviction that what you hope will happen.

“I assure you that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you will be able to say to this mountain: move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you ”.

(Matthew 17:20)

Surely you have heard the phrase “Faith moves mountains”; This refers to the fact that something you want with all your soul can be achieved. As impossible as it may seem to the reality of your reason, it is to have the conviction that a supernatural force, in this case God, can intercede on your behalf, so that you achieve your goals.

But what is faith?

It is something that is born within us, it is spirituality, which gives us stability, firmness, confidence and assurance that God is going to help us solve any problem. It is not about being optimistic, but about having the full certainty that God exists.

A thousand times my faith has been broken by the problems of life; For example: I had to face the death of my parents in adolescence, support my son with an incurable disease, unemployment, and countless challenges that I have had to go through, they have weakened me.

However, an inexplicable feeling is born in me in the depths of my heart, something that prompts me to believe that God works for me.

That amount of shed tears, that uncertainty of not knowing what to expect in the future, have strengthened me, believing that God has a magnificent plan in my life. Even now I understand that things happen for something, to have a real learning and strengthen our spirituality.

Like me, many people have lost faith and are far from believing that the impossible is yet to be realized. Therefore, I share some tips to regain in you the certainty that God works in your life.

How to move mountains?

1 Do not hesitate

It may be that you are going through a very complicated and difficult situation, which in your own conviction is almost impossible to solve. Remember, doubting keeps you from believing in divine power and breaks your spirituality. Therefore, you must work to strengthen your confidence and leave your concerns in God’s hands.

A simple way to do it is to be in the presence of God is through prayer, to renew your faith, having the assurance that he listens to you, and works on your behalf.

2 Think big

We can all see our immense problems as a difficult mountain to climb, believing that we cannot solve the problems. However, we must remember that God is immense, much bigger than any mountain in the world; he is bigger than our problems. Therefore, we must believe and trust in his power and love.

There is nothing that God cannot solve, even death. Let us remember the passage from the bible when Jesusraised Lazarus among the dead.

3 Take Action

Trust in your abilities, in your abilities, putting aside the fears and thoughts of defeat, as well as having faith, and it can move mountains. Sometimes your intellect will shine through and you will have ideas of how to resolve conflicts in a way you never imagined.

4 Be attentive

Has it happened to you that people come into your life who are a means to achieve what you want or do you receive an unexpected call or something different happens? It is about God’s help; He uses the people around us to give us messages in response to our supplications and prayers.

His way of acting is unexpected and sometimes it is not logical to reason, so we must be attentive to any divine sign or sign. Remember that God works in His time and according to His will. Avoid being discouraged when you don’t see clearly the solution to your problems.

For no reason stop praying and asking him to clarify your thoughts so that you can understand how he will help you.

5 Do not decay

Some women who have difficulty getting pregnant have managed to have children, people with serious financial problems have a lot of money, marriages on the verge of divorce are forgiven. Why can’t something happen in your life?

These people surely never lost faith in God. Even if you get tired of waiting for what you want, remain firm in your beliefs and relationship with it, you will see that sooner or later your dreams will come true.

6 Full confidence

God can do everything and he chooses what is best for us by acting at his will. Surely at times you have realized that the things you asked for in prayer have not happened, that is because He has something better for you. You must have full confidence that everything that happens in your life has a reason for being.

Move mountains with faith, trust and above all with the assurance that you are heard. Pay attention to the divine signs and ask for a lot of guidance to understand the why of things.

7 Spiritual fasting

It is a religious practice that promotes direct communication with God. It helps us to get closer to him, increase faith and obtain spiritual strength. Many practice it to seek help in difficult times and to express gratitude.

If you want to move mountains with fasting, you must always accompany it with prayer, to obtain the strength you need, since fasting is about showing greater dedication to the things of God and sacrificing earthly pleasures for a time.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation you are going through. Remember that God listens to you, helps you and responds. Believe in his divine power, in his majesty and in his love!

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