7 Traits Of A Man Who Will Make Your Life Miserable (no Matter What You Do To Change It)

Watch out, they appear as the most charming man you’ve ever imagined, and then the nightmare begins!

Watch out, they appear as the most charming man you’ve ever imagined, and then the nightmare begins! This type of man knows exactly what he has to do to succeed in keeping a woman by his side in a relationship in which he will be the sole and complete beneficiary. If you meet someone like that, you need help (urgently).

It is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It comes into your life showing exactly what you needed at that moment, changing later, and making you feel like you are continually walking on glass.

These are the 7 traits of a man who will turn your life into complete chaos by pushing your emotions to the limit:

1. He will treat you like no one has ever treated you before, making you feel like you are the star of the most romantic Hollywood movie, and suddenly …

My grandmother always said that when “the alms are great, even the saint distrusts.” This is the first sign, this type of man is EXTREMELY charming, he will have no limits when it comes to conquering you. Listen carefully to what you like and what you don’t like, and it will surprise you in the most unexpected and romantic ways. It will take you to the clouds in minutes and you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery.

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If you’ve ever heard the saying “Too good to be true,” then you know what I’m talking about. Once you are on top of the mountain, convinced that you have found the ideal man, everything will change.

2. The protagonist of your best romantic movie becomes him, and your life begins to look more like a dramatic movie

You think you have finally met the man of your dreams, and you would do whatever it takes not to lose him. At that moment, things change; the attention he gave you before, now the demand from you. He wants to be the center of all conversations, and everything starts to revolve around him. Your worries can wait, nothing is more important than what he has to say (even if it has nothing of importance in the eyes of the rest of the world).

Your confusion begins to appear, you wonder what happened, and you begin to blame yourself.

3. They start to use your fears and insecurities against you

When things were ‘incredibly’ good, you opened up to him, you told him your fears, your complexes, the things that hurt you, you showed him your weak side, and now he uses them to create more insecurities. The understanding that he showed you at the beginning when you told him that you are afraid of abandonment, turns into sarcasm and distasteful comments to make you not know where you are treading.

4. You are to blame for everything

He has the ability to turn any situation in his favor, making you feel like the villain of the movie. If you ask him why he changed, why at first he was so kind and made you so happy, he will answer that it is your fault, that you changed, that you are not the one he met or the person he fell in love with .

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You believe him, and guilt makes you want to do whatever it takes for him to be the man you fell in love with again, convinced that he changed because you did something wrong, he will hold you in his fist.

5. The only thing that interests him now is what he wants and he takes things to any extreme to be the one who is always right

You try everything to go back to what you experienced at the beginning of the relationship, but you can’t. You start to suspect that there is something wrong, that it cannot be that you are to blame for everything and its changes, but she convinces you otherwise (once again).

If you ask him where he was, he attacks you, telling you that you are sick of jealousy; If you don’t ask him, he accuses you that you don’t care enough for him. In the world he has created for you, you sin by action and omission.

6. Every now and then he shows you the man you fell in love with

Confusion takes over your mind and you start to feel that you might not be happy with him or that he deserves someone better than you, and just when you’re ready to go, the romance reappears and your confusion increases.

7. He will always win

This type of man is happy to always win. They do not understand love like the rest of men, happiness for them is having someone to dominate, someone who will do anything to get back to having the person they knew at the beginning of the relationship. These types of men have very few limits and if you don’t seek help, things can end badly.

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