7 Tips To Return To The Exercise Routine Once The Baby Is Born

If you are an active woman with an established exercise routine and who is about to be a mother soon or whose baby was born, returning to physical activity is a priority, but don’t worry! Do it little by little.

I am filled with joy and admiration by this new generation of young mothers who organize their family, professional and personal life in such a way that they are capable of everything they set out to do. I am particularly encouraged by women who have understood that taking care of themselves is very important, and that taking care of their health is a priority for their world to function and keep going; However, I have also met women, mainly runners -professionals or amateurs-, who as soon as they leave the maternity ward want to put on their tennis shoes again and run and well, no matter how good physical condition we are, even we were high performance athletes, having a baby is another story.

So before you put on your shorts, sweatshirt or sports shoes, consider these recommendations:

1. Your body was transformed

As common and everyday as the birth of a human being may be, it will never cease to be a miracle. Miracle because a new person comes into this world and because her mother’s body is transformed and matures in unimaginable ways. You are a woman before pregnancy; another, being pregnant and a third – the best version of all – when you hold that little one in your arms, who is all our responsibility and privilege to raise and love. Therefore, it is necessary for our mind to also transform, mature and understand that priorities have changed, that the body is reorganizing and that no matter how good we feel, we must take time for everything to take its new place.

2. Rest

Have you ever seen a butterfly emerge from its cocoon? No right? He comes out calmly and perches on a leaf for a few minutes while he seeks to spread those wings that have emerged, moving them carefully to know them and how they work. Until they are completely ready, then fly. The same thing happens with a woman giving birth: so take your time, process everything that has happened and what has been transformed. Sleep, rest, take it easy on the adaptations that the new family member requires.

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3. Recovering from a C-section is different from a normal delivery

Grandmothers are always right when it comes to caring for a newly born woman. Listen to your doctor, follow her instructions and rest. It has been more than twenty years since I had my first daughter and I remember that, before the twenty days of the birth, I washed and did all the housework because I felt wonderful. Big mistake! Today my back demands the little care I gave it. You will recover faster from a normal delivery than from a cesarean section, that is a fact and to achieve it you need time, therefore, do not rush the procedures that nature and human experience have told us are ideal.

4. Start with a routine at home

Most women are discharged to exercise three months after the baby is born, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately rush to train or pick up your routine where you left off months ago.

You can start with a light and simple routine at home, the treadmill or the stationary bike can be very useful to start the return to the gym, the track and the podium of the winners. Be patient and start slowly and calmly. Report any discomfort or discomfort to your doctor immediately.

5. Start with short sessions

Your exercise sessions should not last more than thirty minutes and do them every other day. Once you have completed a month, you can increase the training time to an hour but without making the session heavier and avoiding exercises that force the abdomen or sphincters.

6. Sleep, health and good spirits

Mothers commonly experience fatigue, some physical discomfort, especially when breast milk is presented, some infection in wounds, swelling, pain in the back or waist, and feelings of sadness or even depression. At the moment, many find it too overwhelming all the work involved in caring for the little one, the general adaptation of the family and it can even be catastrophic that the clothes that were used cannot even be put on and that the body looks terribly damaged.

Just be patient, exercise will help you with all that, you will lose weight, the muscles will re-tone and they will stop hurting; You will once again be more agile even and strong, because now there is a precious baby that will motivate you to recover. Everything is going to get better, everything is going to be better than it was before you had your baby.

7. Your life changed

Perhaps this is the most complex question to understand and accept, just keep this idea in mind: your life improved once your baby was born. You will be a great mother, a better wife, a better worker, your body will look beautiful, and your home will be happier.

Now, if as if all this were a small thing, apart from you you will be a better athlete! You know why? Because that little guy will be your number one fan.

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