7 Things You Should Never Do When You Feel Jealous And 4 Attitudes You Should Take To Stop Feeling Them

Jealousy ends any relationship. Here are some facts to know if you are jealous and 4 more to stop being jealous.

An old saying goes that: “In life there are three things that do not go back: the arrow thrown, the word spoken and the opportunity lost”, if people would take this into account whenever we have a very strong negative emotion that provokes an argument With someone close, we would avoid losing friendships of years, relationships with parents and siblings, but above all, solid marriages that can be destroyed in a couple of seconds by an offensive word.

One of the most common situations in couple relationships is jealousy, and it is well known that this emotion causes many fights in a couple, whether they are justified or not.

Because of this, the psychology and mind page explains that there are 7 things to avoid when feeling jealous, all to avoid major problems since no one acts in the right way when they are upset.

1. Thinking bad of every situation

The jealous person tends to magnify everything and even more when he begins to give free rein to assumptions, and it is well known that he suffers more for what one begins to imagine than for what he is really going through.

Before starting to unleash your imagination, it is best to have grounds to mortify yourself, otherwise do not waste time making a scandal of nothing.

2. accuse

Jealousy leads to drastic reactions, the same ones that make those who feel them act with anger, towards the people who feel motivate their actions even if there is no basis for it. The jealous person usually accuses her partner without weighing the consequences of what she says and when the anger has passed, she realizes that I have said more than I should have.

The growth and emotional well-being page warns that by feeling habitual jealousy that the person feels a victim of their partner and therefore accuses without qualms, causing them to proceed improperly in a situation that may or may not have grounds.

The recommendation is to master those emotions and seek to be objective before being speculative.

3. Prohibit

Another way to proceed is to prohibit the couple from meeting with friends, family or even co-workers, showing themselves as someone dominant and possessive. That attitude little by little makes the person in the trap feel suffocated and seeks to escape from this pressing situation.

Therefore, it is advisable to speak calmly and express what bothers the situation, remember that your partner is by your side because he loves you and not because he feels that it is an obligation, but if you continue acting that way it will not last long.

4. “He who seeks, finds”

Jealousy is not a manifestation of love or close to it, instead it is the complete evidence that you are not a confident person, that sooner or later will lead you to become an investigator to try to “find out” if your suspicions are founded This is how you will find a way to find out about every step that he takes in his life: social networks, chat, asking friends to inform you of “suspicious” movements, etc.

What you are going to achieve if you do is wear down your life and mental health. Instead, drop the paranoia and strive to conquer your partner day by day without being so absorbing because that only takes him further away from you.

5. Get carried away by impulsiveness

It is present when, driven by anger, we let all emotions run wild, losing personal control and thus committing many recklessness

6. Call constantly

Paranoia makes the jealous person try to cover all the bases and with this they will make the serious mistake of looking for the partner by text message or by calls on a very regular basis, until they are fed up.

No matter how much love your partner has for you, believe me it will not be long that he will put up with that invasive attitude

7. Forget that you have a life

It is a frequent mistake that is made generated by the prevailing distrust. The trick is to stay busy in your own life, go out with friends, study, go to the gym and be independent, that will make your partner feel interested in you and have things to share instead of chasing him as if your life depended on it.

Fortunately there are ways to regain calm and stop being so jealous little by little and here are the keys provided by the psychology and mind page.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Nothing better than to be aware and admit that you feel jealous. How? Well, the aforementioned aspects can give you an idea. Seek professional help to guide you on how to stop feeling jealous.

2. It depends on you

You have the ability to control your jealousy. By accepting that you are jealous you are taking the first step, the next is that you act controlling yourself and thus avoid making mistakes like the above.

3. Question the reason for jealousy

Sometimes it is about low self-esteem, other times about bad past experiences, whatever, inquire into yourself about that and work on you as a person capable of having control over your emotions. Do not forget that when you are satisfied with the life that you have, nothing has to steal your peace.

4. Good communication

Talk about what makes you uncomfortable with your partner, make things clear to him and explain to him about his attitude with his friends (for example) but in a clear way, without exalting himself and without harming anyone. Communicating correctly will avoid big problems from unimportant situations.

Despite all the above, if your suspicions have real bases and it is not just paranoia or a bad attitude, do not wait to continue being deceived, expose that you have realized their game and get away as quickly as possible from that person who does not it agrees.

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