7 Signs That Tell You That You Are Not In Love

True love is not known for what it demands, but for what it offers (Jacinto Benavente). Do you think you are in love? 7 Signs That Tell You It’s Not Love

We all dream of finding our “Sweetheart, heart.” It is a natural desire. The problem, however, is that this man is a very normal guy – and that’s fine. That he is special does not mean that he has to appear with a sign on his forehead in which he makes it known that he is. The bad thing is when we confuse him with anyone. And that is a dangerous question.

Therefore, today I want to share with you how to identify those misleading signals that many of us take for granted when it comes to knowing if we are in love:

The seven signs that it’s NOT really love:

1. If you only feel butterflies in your stomach, it is not love

Butterflies are just a symptom of anxiety, it is our body’s response to what it considers a threat. And although it feels beautiful, it is not a guarantee that it is love; if anything, it is a love affair.

2. If what you like the most is how handsome he is, it’s not love

Let chemistry ruffle your hormones is not love; if so, we would love all the models and gallants of cinema and television. So go slow, because finding love requires tact.

3. If you feel that your life is worth nothing if you do not have it by your side, it is not love

That only speaks of the need to strengthen your self-esteem, because if you are not able to appreciate your own value, how can you give value to someone else?

4. If the way you react is just to please, it is not love

That speaks of dependency, even if you do it because he wants it to; then we could even be talking about psychological violence. Keep an eye out!

5. If you do not feel full when you are with him, it is not love

Not feeling full next to someone is perhaps the clearest evidence that it is not a real feeling, that what you think you feel is not as deep as you think and that you must move on, that there is only one life and time is not came back.

6. If you think that there are many men, it is not love

If you are with someone, but you think there are thousands like him, it is simple: you are not in love. When someone lives within our heart that makes them unique, as simple and as complicated as that.

7. If it’s not you when you’re together, it’s not love

If you are a person by his side and another very different behind his back, talk about that you are fooling yourself, that that person does not suit you, because the man in your life must be someone with whom you are not afraid or ashamed to let yourself go. Finally, allow me to share with you, from my particular point of view, the following concepts

How love must feel:

Loving is belonging

LOVE – well, with capital letters – is to be with that person and feel that you have come home, that you belong to that place, and that there is no other place where you can be happier.

Love is impervious to routine

Love is not something that ends when the emotion of the early days passes, nor does it disappear with routine.

True love is comfortable in silences and enjoys conversations.

Love is acceptance

True love loves you as you are, with the good and the bad and, although it recognizes that some things it does not like, it does not need you to stop being you to be loved more.

Love is support

Real love, that of a really, loves you through thick and thin and cannot imagine a world without you, not because it cannot live with your absence, but because living with you makes everything better.

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So, what do you say? Are you truly in love?

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