7 Reasons Why No Woman Should Wait For A Man To Decide To Choose Her

If these 7 things apply to you … DO NOT wait any longer.

“For now I do not want something fixed, but let’s continue watching, and see what happens” … Really? One of the most famous phrases of men who seem to have a big indecision problem in which you are, incredibly, the culprit (only in their minds, you are not at fault).

If he can’t choose you (who’s fantastic) then it’s time to stop wasting your precious time and putting off the arrival of your true happiness.

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Why shouldn’t you wait for it to be decided

1. If it is difficult for him to convince himself that you are the woman he is looking for, then he is not looking for you

By telling you that he does not know what he wants, but that he still wants to continue seeing you, in case things change in the future, he will place you in a situation where you will feel like you are being examined all the time, in which Whatever you do can be the trigger for him to decide to leave you.

2. If it doesn’t have the ability to see your worth, then you don’t have to wait for it to.

The truth is that true love can be as simple as knowing what your favorite dessert is. If something you don’t like or don’t like, the longer you spend there trying to manipulate your mind into liking it, it won’t work.

If he can’t see how amazing you are and so he can’t see that you are actually his favorite dessert, don’t keep wasting your time.

3. If you are NOT one of their priorities, but rather plan B for when their priorities fail

If you feel like you are on a waiting list to board that flight that you dream of so much about, but despite how much you want to get on that plane, it is not up to you, but someone else decides not to board it, then you better not travel.

If you are not the one he chooses to share his life with, but you only exist when all else fails, you should not keep waiting.

4. If the plans are only made when he wants (or can, as he explains) and things never work out in your favor

You spend it canceling your friends and your other responsibilities when he offers to go out, because you know that if you say no, it may be a LOT of time before he decides to invite you one more time; better stop waiting for it.

5. If you have changed your appearance for him

You no longer know what to do to get his attention, or to become the woman you think he dreams of. Sometimes it is difficult for you to remember how you were before you met him because since he has been in your life, all you have done is reinvent yourself to please him more.

6. If asking for forgiveness (for everything and nothing) is something you find yourself doing all the time

“Sorry for sending you that text, sorry for calling you, sorry for asking you about your feelings for me, sorry for asking your forgiveness.”

If he makes you feel that if you do something that he doesn’t like, he will decide that he does not want to see you anymore, and for that reason you keep asking him for forgiveness, then you are with the wrong person. You should never have to apologize for who you are and how you are.

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7. If you feel that things are forced

If you feel like he sometimes chooses you out of fatigue or lack of options, don’t keep waiting.


Unfortunately all or almost all of us do; When it comes to love, we just seem to have the ability to hold onto and focus on the one positive part of what “I don’t know what I want, but let’s see what happens.” We do not internalize that he has just told us that he does not know what he wants (clearly that you are not what he wants), the only thing that remains is that “let’s see what happens.” And there we stand in the hope that one of all our changes and attempts to conquer them will finally work.

Love is not like that, and you should not let anyone convince you otherwise. The man who wants to be with you is not going to need you to apologize for what you do and for what you do not do, that man will love you unconditionally, respect you, see your true value and your happiness will be his priority.

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