7 Phrases You Should Say To Your Children Every Day

Of all the words you can say to your children, these are some that can make the most positive impact in their lives.

There are endless possible combinations of words that we can say to our children to express our love. In truth we can say that it is an art to show masters towards our children. Here are just some of the phrases that I think are the best that we can use in our home to strengthen family ties.

1. «I love you / I love you».

Not a single day should go by without your children hearing from your mouth, and feeling for sure, that you love them. Difficult days will come, there will be times when they make decisions that may not be the best. Make sure they know for sure that no matter what happens to them or what they are like, you will never stop loving them.

2. “You make me very happy.”

This couldn’t be more true. For every mother or father there is no truer truth. Children are an inexhaustible source of happiness and love. It is important that they know this. Don’t wait for graduation day or their wedding to tell them – just do it today.

3. “You are very special.”

It is extremely important that children understand from a young age that they are different and that this makes them unique and special. Also, we all want to stand out in some way. Make it a goal to tell them every day that for you they are incomparable and the most special thing that has ever happened to you.

4. «I really like it when you …»

Everyone enjoys knowing that what they do pleases others. Especially your children, who think you are the most interesting, intelligent person and the person they love the most. Point out any positive details in their behavior, character, kindness, talents, funny ideas, or performance in school.

5. “Every day I give thanks for you.”

If you have any religious affiliation or if you are used to praying or praying in your home, pray together with your children and let them hear from your mouth that you thank God for having them in your life and that you wish their well-being. Also pray for their well-being, especially when they have difficulties.

6. «I believe in you / I trust you».

Our little ones can grow up feeling insecure if they don’t know that we have confidence and that we believe in them. We can take advantage of family moments, occurrences such as when making an appropriate decision for their age, tell them that we trust them and respect their decision.

7. «You are capable / I know you can».

Children can easily get discouraged when trying to do something doesn’t turn out as expected after just one or two trials. We should encourage them to keep trying and let them know that we know they are capable of the task. If they need more information, more practice or more explanations so that they fully understand it, let’s do what is necessary (show them a video tutorial, give them a demonstration or tell them personal learning experiences of yours), but they should always know that they have the capacity to do it. .

Sometimes we are so tired or tired that we are tempted to say phrases that harm our children. Remember that your children are a blessing, a miracle, a light in your life that illuminates every day, make them feel it and know it too. Every day.

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