7 Myths About Love That You Were Taught As A Child And That Surely Made You Suffer

If the love in your life is causing you suffering and sorrow, you should definitely read this.

Do you remember that boy who bothered you so much during your childhood, and that everyone used to tell you that his behavior was because he actually liked you? Do you remember how confusing it was to understand why that little man acted like this, if he had feelings for you?

Now that you think about it, even though you didn’t like those hurtful jokes or teasing, you learned – of course, unconsciously – that such behaviors were part of love. Perhaps you grew up with the wrong, but very common idea that “love must hurt to be true.”

Even, it is likely that when reading these lines you are thinking about those unfortunate relationships in which -now as an adult- your partners have behaved the same or worse than that child: unpleasant jokes, malicious comments, and even aggressive physical games, are some of those apparent love shows that have become myths.

If you are interested in knowing some of them, continue reading:

1. He bothers you because he likes you

Forget this! A man who needs to tease and harass you to show that he has feelings for you, does not want to have something serious with you. Perhaps there are cases that are the exception, however, a mature man, with good feelings and committed, will seek to win your love based on respect, good treatment and details.

2. It is indifferent because it is taking its place

They say that “there is no worse blind than he who does not want to see.” Therefore, if as a child you thought that the boy you liked was not paying attention to you out of pity or because he did not want to give himself away to you and in the end they never managed to have a friendship, what makes you think that now as an adult things are different?

The nature of men is too transparent. So, if that boy you like or your partner has become indifferent, it is a resounding sign that something is not right.

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3. He doesn’t look for you because he expects you to look for him

I said: men are as they are, period. If he does not call you, if he does not look for you or if he does not care to hear from you, it is because he is not interested in you. I clarify, there may be exceptions; However, if there is no strong reason that prevents him from showing his interest, do not waste your time trying to win his love.

4. He treats you badly because he is attracted to you

No honest, mature man will seek to attract a woman’s attention through abuse. Whether he is the rudest boy in the world or the most troubled young man in the universe, there is no reason for you to receive humiliation or abuse in the name of love or attraction.

5. He’s rude because he doesn’t know how to show you his love

If that man you love treats you roughly all the time, to the point of hurting you physically and emotionally, understand the situation: he does not respect you, much less loves you!

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6. He teases you to see you smile

There is a huge difference between someone who wants to make you laugh and someone who laughs at you. Therefore, if your partner or that boy you are meeting, constantly mocks – in a hurtful way – your actions, your opinions, and even your person, do not think that he does it because he loves you. On the contrary, these teasing will increase with the passage of time – they will even hurt more – to the point of affecting your own self-esteem.

7. He talks to you about other girls just to make you jealous

They say that gentlemen have no memory, and this is totally and absolutely true. So if your partner or the man you’re dating keeps talking to you about the other women he’s dated, be very careful! Don’t think he does it just to make you jealous – which is not healthy in a relationship – he goes beyond that. What he somehow seeks is to show you that he can be with many other people, besides you.

Finally, don’t forget to remember that the man who really loves you will treat you for what you are: a queen.

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