7 Lists For Your Daily Life That Will Help You See How Lucky You Are

We need organization and direction to be able to have a profitable, calm and happy life.

Opening the drawer of my bedside table is equal to finding many memories of the past. I have from watches, to wallets with letters and collectible figurines. I also have letters and drawings from the children I once cared for. There are also 2 agendas with notes of all kinds and lists of things to buy or to do.

I think we are all familiar with those kinds of lists. Many people at the end of the year and start another, like to make a list ofpurposesto achieve during this new period of their lives. Still others live their lives as things turn out.

The magic of lists is that they give conscious direction to your brain in the things you want to do or achieve. Also, all the purpose lists have a higher chance of being completed if you put a fulfillment date on each objective.

However you like to live, whether you are a “list” person or not, I will leave you some ideas of these that will surely help you not to forget some things, or they can be your source of distraction in the most monotonous moments of your life. lifetime.

List of goals for the new year

This is the best known to all. In general, it is a succession of things that you want to do in that year, whether it is visiting some places, losing weight or writing a story. Whatever you set out to do is placed on this list.

If you are one of those who make this list, make sure that all the goals or objectives you want to achieve are realistic so that it is much easier for you to achieve them. Of course, there is nothing wrong if some of those purposes are not achieved, you will have time or better plans.

List of books to read

This is one of the ones I do the most. The truth is that I find it very practical since if I read about abook recommended, I put it on my list and look for them online to download and read.

Of course, I have hundreds of books that I still do not read because some I start reading and lose interest and others I forget, but the problem is not with the list, but me because of my lack of consistency.

List of movies to watch

This is also one that I use a lot. A new movie of my favorite genre or actor? Simple, I go to YouTube and watch the trailer. If I like what I see, I put it on the list and as soon as I can I see it. The same thing happens with some television series, documentaries and other programs that interest me.

This one is complete better than the one in the books, and really, in vacation times or like the ones we spend now, it helps me a lot.

List of activities to do with your children on vacation

Nothing more complicated than entertaining the children for a month or month and a half of vacation. Soon the movies and games are over and the demands arrive; This is why a list of activities is very useful.

You can start by giving them household chores according to age, for example:

1. As soon as you wake up and get up, you make your bed.

2. You tidy up your room before leaving it.

3. Bath and dress

4. An hour and a half of tv… etc.

And so on until you complete your to-do list. One idea is to have them choose what they want to do in the afternoon, whether to go to the park and play outside or stay indoors and watch more movies or play board games.

The intention is that they are entertained and you have time to do your own things.

List of meals to prepare for one week a month

There are many people who like to eat healthy, but let’s face it, buying a list of organic or natural foods is very expensive. Despite that, with little you can do a lot.

Once a month you can make a list of healthy foods (unprocessed, vegetables and fruits) that you can buy. At least in Latin America it is not so difficult to get them, and buying them is not so expensive. With these, every day for a week you can prepare healthy and delicious menus at least once a month.

List of things to be thankful for

The reason for this list is that people often take the things we have for granted. This leads us to only miss those things when we cannot enjoy them, and then complain.

Have a to-do listto thank daily, it is the way to keep in mind that we are lucky every day, that we have much more than what other people can enjoy and that we seriously do not have a hair.

List of relatives to call

It may seem ridiculous, but it is not. Many people today live too far or too busy to be in contact with their families. A good idea to keep in touch with family and friends is to set aside one day a week to talk with parents. You can designate another for siblings, another for friends; so, until each week you can talk to all of them even for 5 or 10 minutes.

The point is that loved ones are important and we don’t know when we’ll be able to see and hug them again; For this reason, this list is not only practical, but important.

These lists may or may not seem practical to you, but you will not be able to deny that one of these will help you a lot to improve your life and that of your relatives because not only will you be better organized, but you will also be more aware of what you dream, you want and you have.

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