7 Life Tips My Children Give Me Every Day

I am amazed at all they have to teach me.

Childhood is a time of splendor. It is the Bing Bang of life, where everything begins, where everything is born. Children come into the world with a soul charged with creativity, dreams and strengths. And adults, we must be wise enough to observe, and learn from them.

When I decided to be a mother, I never thought that those who were going to be teachers of life would be my children. From them I learn day by day things that leave me stunned, and make me think. Children are heavenly beings, and life becomes more fun when we have a child around us.

Creative by nature

Children are the maximum expression of creativity. And we, as adults, need to take a closer look at their behavior, because creativity is thesecret of success.

According to the multi-award winning athlete Christopher Bergland,creativity in childhood is the secret to success in adult life. The more we encourage children’s creativity, the more possibilities we will give them to succeed in their lives.

Beyond financial success, being creative will give us the freedom to do, think, and transform our world. Therefore, when children are creative, they teach us to fight for what we want to achieve.

Things I learn from my children

From the time they get up until they go to sleep. When they walk, when they speak. Running or sitting at the table for dinner. I watch my children at every moment and my brain is still dazzled by the magic that these little beings have.

Come on, I’m not exaggerating. Surely something like this happens to you every time you look at your children. Many times their answers are more logical than I thought. Other times, my adult brain does not let me see beyond the horizon, and they solve situations with their own methods.

You teach them to tie their shoelaces, and they give lessons in perseverance. You teach them not to get dirty, and they teach you to enjoy fun. You show them how to build a tower, and they show you that bricks can also make a puppy. And you learn to be flexible, logical and fun in a few minutes.

Advice they give me through their actions

My children are my teachers. And yours can also teach you many things if you look closely. These are the things that my children tell me through their actions.

1 “Get up and try again”

Have you ever seen a baby never try to walk again after falling? Babies fall and get up many times, until they can walk. They just persevere and try over and over again, until they succeed.

Although then there is a stage in which the children they frustrate and parents should encourage them to continue, childhood is the time when we try again and again and do not give up.

2 “Don’t let your anger last too long”

As we grow older our hearts get a little harder. It is harder for us to forgive and forget, and it is not easy for us to overlook the error of others when they hurt us.

Children teach us that everything in life is easier if anger lasts for a short time. They may get angry and fight with their siblings, but in a few minutes you will be enjoying the game again. This is how we should put our grudges aside and soon return to enjoying life.

3 “Don’t be afraid to express yourself”

From my children I learned that there is nothing more liberating than expressing emotions. Cry when you need to, laugh until your belly hurts, and tell the other when you are angry or happy.

Life is much simpler when we express what we feel. And kids are great mentors in it.

4 “Don’t stop being amazed”

Have you stopped in recent weeks to observe your home garden, people walking down the streets, or a puppy frolicking in a pool of water? Being amazed by the little things in life makes us give it more meaning.

My children let me see that adults lose the capacity for wonder, and with it many times optimism and joy. The miracle of life consists of allowing ourselves to be amazed by those things that happen around us, to open the door to new possibilities and experiences

5 “Don’t be proud”

Children are transparent. They will say what they need, when they need it. As adults we have a hard time asking for help. When my son says “Mommy give me a hug” after one of her tantrums, she is teaching me to put pride aside.

Children ask for help when they need it, because it is their way of knowing the world and moving forward. And as adults, we should learn from this attitude, which makes us more supportive and empathetic.

6 “Above all, make it fun”

From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, a child’s life is a game. Whatever they do, they seek fun in it. And you, when was the last time you had fun?

It’s not about taking things lightly, but about putting joy and a smile into everything we do. My children teach me every day to have fun with simple things in everyday life; they teach me to look at life with the chalice of allergy.

7 “Be yourself”

Children teach us to be authentic and true to themselves; something that sometimes costs us adults. When I see my children being themselves, I realize how much it costs us grown-ups to enjoy those people we became as we grew up.

My children teach me to love myself as I am, and to embrace my mistakes and failures day by day, in order to improve myself.

Children are great teachers of life. I could add dozens of more items to this list, and maybe you can think of a few more. The truth is that the advice that my children give me with their daily actions help me grow and be a better mother, and a better person.

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