7 Incredible Benefits You Get When You Think About Your Husband Or Loved Ones

Remembering is going through the heart again those moments that fill us with happiness. Doing so is healthy.

Her world was breaking into pieces, in a few months she faced the death of her parents, she lost her job and her debts kept increasing. For a moment, he thought that he could not bear so much pain, that he was not as strong as he thought, and that there was no point living on. Her days passed full of tears, loneliness and deep sadness in her heart, even her health was seriously affected.

One day, when she was alone at home, she took a bottle of medicine, opened it, and thought a thousand times to swallow all the pills at once, to end her life. However, something stopped her. She closed her eyes, knelt in her room, and reminded her family, her husband, and her two young children who needed and loved her.

The strength of love

That day she cried inconsolably until she had no more tears to shed on her cheeks; then she calmed down. She realized that when she thought about her husband, her children, and her parents even though they were no longer alive, it was a way to feel good.

He closed his eyes again and began to think about each of his loved ones. When she thought of her husband, she remembered the first day she met him, her wedding, her travels and even the moments of intimacy where eternal love was promised. Then she thought of her little children, those innocent little people who loved her without judgment, with a pure and real love.

So finally, he realized that the solution to heal his pain and feel good consisted only of thinking and remembering the good experiences he had and has with his family. Every moment she said to herself, Love can do everything! Love is invincible and indestructible! My family is my strength!

Benefits when you think about your partner and loved ones

1 Your health recovers

A study confirmed that when you think of loved ones and your partner in difficult times, health is restored. Usually, when painful moments and complicated situations are experienced, the stress level increases and at the same time the heart rate increases, which can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases.

Remember that the brain always responds favorably when we remember meaningful and positive experiences, making us feel better. Surely you have already noticed it, when you remember your husband and children.

2 Emotions are controlled

It is acceptable to cry, throw tantrums and get depressed, since many times life puts us in situations that we believe are impossible to solve. However, when we think of loved ones and remember pleasant moments,emotions are controlled and with it, our mood changes for the better.

Mentally reliving the good experiences we share with loved ones floods us with emotions, which we feel almost as intensely. These memories and emotions are perceived as gratification, and it sets off the brain’s reward system, similar to when we live in real time.

When we think, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that provides a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

3 Motivation

Perhaps with the immense pain that you feel in your heart, it does not allow you to realize that you are surrounded by love; that your loved ones are there to support you and help you get out of trouble. However, when you stop to reflect and think about them, the motivation and strength you need to get ahead will increase in you and your health will naturally improve.

The family is the motivation, it is the strength, it is the unconditional support that every human being requires to live and achieve happiness.

4 You will have more lucidity

Many times we believe that our problems or suffering are immense and that they are impossible to solve. But your problems, when viewed from a different perspective than yours, may not seem so complicated. When you think about your loved ones and you think about how they would act in your situation, you will realize that you will have thousands of solutions to resolve your conflicts.

5 They help you deal with fears

You may believe that you are not capable of coping with pain or surviving any difficult situation. However, when you think about your loved one or your loved ones, they will fill you with strength to deal with your own fears. You will become a risky, safe and confident person, since you will learn to get ahead thinking about the well-being of you and your family.

6 It gives you peace of mind

The brain reacts favorably when we think of our loved ones, increasing the level of hormones in our body such as dopamine (known as that of pleasure and happiness). That will cause us to feel calmer, more relaxed and enthusiastic.

Even when your loved ones are not present, thinking about them will cause you a feeling of well-being, since you will only remember the good times you lived with them.

7 Strengthen your feelings

Perhaps you were submerged in your same pain and worry, putting aside your present life. But when you stop to think about the love you feel for your husband, children, and family, your relationships and bonds of union will strengthen your feelings for them.

You will value every moment of your present and every moment you spend with your family, they will become meaningful experiences for you.

When you feel sad, homesick, or depressed; think of your loved ones, think of positive things and take strength to move on. Remember that our brain reacts in a positive way helping us to improve our emotional and physical health.

As my grandmother used to say, “remembering is living again”, since remembering the past, especially the moments where you felt overwhelmed with happiness, will make you regain energy to continue in your present and fight to regain that feeling.

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