7 Habits That Will Strengthen Your Marriage During The 9 Months Of Waiting

The arrival of your baby, after applying these 7 habits, will be even more INVINCIBLE

In a couple, pregnancy is a moment that unifies and consolidates the relationship. The arrival of a baby comes to crown love and fill the couple with new common goals, but at the same time it fills the new parents with doubts, uncertainties and some friction. It is the perfect time to strengthen the marriage and join in this sweet waiting more than ever.

It is common for couples, while waiting for their first child, feel ecstatic with love and tenderness at the imminent arrival of their children. It is an ideal time to talk about everything that can bring the couple closer together, so that the arrival of their son finds them invincible.

The couple during pregnancy

Yes, the idyll that we live when we are expecting a baby is magical. However, some people fear that pregnancy and the arrival of a child may somehow change the relationship that has existed so far. You feel different, he may feel left out, you have feelings that you never had before, he thinks that now you will love the baby more than him, and the list goes on. However, they have nine months to go to strengthen their love more than ever; because, after all that baby comes as the finishing touch to the union of two people who love each other madly.

7 habits for 9 months

There are a series of habits that you can keep in mind with your partner so that the relationship is strengthened and they continue to be the beautiful couple that they are now, even when there are nights when fatigue plays a trick on them or days when the children don’t let them exchange words.

  • 1. Say no to boredom:

The routine, sooner or later, is part of most couples. Pregnancy is a special time to take time for yourself and be surprised. Going for a walk, turning off the television and going out on the balcony to see the stars, or seeing photos of both of you when you were little can help you put boredom aside by spending quality time together.

  • 2. Recognize your weaknesses:

John Gottman, researcher and author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, says that 69% of a couple’s problems are perpetual. They are those problems that never seem to go away and the couple continues to argue year after year. Each recognize their weaknesses and flaws and appreciate the efforts of the other by changing them can lead to a relationship increasingly empathetic and sordid.

  • 3. Do not stop talking affectionately:

When children and parental responsibilities occupy a large part of our daily thoughts, it is difficult for us to focus on being loving and kind. A good habit is to address our partner with words of love and courtesy. Starting with a “Dear” or “dear” is a beautiful habit that, if perpetuated over time, our children will appreciate and value the love of their parents.

  • 4. Ask for help:

Asking for help is not wrong when there are people by your side who feel gratified in helping you. When the baby is born you will probably need even more help than you do now, and your partner will be there by your side. Have no doubts, and ask for help when you need it.

  • 5. Set clear goals:

Now is the time to plan for the future. Decide who will work and who will care for the child, or if they will have a babysitter or a family member. Calculate the budget to buy a bigger car or remodel the house. Thus, after the arrival of the baby and the maelstrom that this implies, there will be something less to worry about.

  • 6. Plan a trip:

If you are going through a quiet pregnancy and have not yet reached the third trimester, a trip as a couple can mean a lot to both of you and you will remember it forever, as you carried your child in the womb. Then it will take a long time for them to be able to travel alone again. What if they can’t travel? Make walks in the park a great trip and grocery shopping a great adventure together.

  • 7. Forgive yourself every day:

I say this from experience, there will be days when you need more than another to appeal to this resource. Forgiving is the greatest act of love that a human being has. If they get into the habit of forgiving themselves every day and admitting their mistakes, after the baby’s arrival they will be more receptive, open and condescending with the couple.

Supporting each other at this stage will make them grow in a way that is as beautiful as it is encouraging. Both are needed. They both have the strength to go hand in hand. And they are both taking this couple to level two, which is the family they are about to start.

With the will to carry the couple forward and stay strong and united, they will lay the foundations of a solid and indestructible family. Enjoy the love that this baby gives you on the way to life!

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