7 Great Lessons A Father Teaches His Daughters

Thanks dad because from you I have learned great things for my life.

With her teary eyes, her broken voice and uncertainty about the future, her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces, knowing that her great love had departed from this world. Fear lived within him when he saw the faces of his two teenage daughters.

With some sanity, he called out our names and we sat on the living room couch. He fixed his gaze and hugged us tightly, at the same time saying: ” Daughters, your mother could not beat cancer and now she is in a wonderful place, I am sure she is happy taking care of you from heaven.

As the months passed, I observed the great effort that my father made to raise us. From dawn he used to wake us up, prepare breakfast, take us to and from school, buy homemade food, help us with homework, and kiss us goodbye in the evening.

My father had the occasional girlfriend, however he never remarried, since he said that his priority was his daughters. For me, he became my hero, support, guide and role model. Thanks to your efforts and teachingsNow my sister and I are successful, successful and happy women.

Three years ago my father passed away, he finally managed to reunite with the love of his life. Despite the pain and sadness that invade my soul; I can say that his love and teachings marked my life forever.

Life learnings

This is my story, without a doubt I am sure that many women knowto great influence what do dads have in life daughters, therefore, I share some teachings.

1 Prince Charming is a utopia

Perhaps like me, many girls grow up with the idea of ​​finding a prince charming; that character that they draw in princess stories or cartoons, that hero who fights to rescue his damsel in danger.

My father, by his example, taught me that men do not rescue damsels, on the contrary, that all women have the courage and intelligence to solve their problems. However, the support of a man who is loving, respectful and protective will make life less complicated.

He always recognized our accomplishments and never doubted our ability to be successful.

2 Respect for women

Daughters’ safety is an issue that most parents are concerned about, especially when they are teenagers. My dad taught me by example; he respected all women, he was chivalrous, he helped without receiving anything in return, he valued the work and life of women.

In her conversations, she emphasized physical and emotional violence, risks, and safety measures that all women must know when they are abused.

With her affection and love, I learned how a woman should be treated and how she should set limits when she felt she was in danger.

3 Failures are learnings

My father always highlighted my skills, strengths and talents. It taught me to learn and accept the consequences of my actions and mistakes. I remember him telling me “Failures make you stronger” , thus feeding my self-esteem, confidence and security.

With his guidance, he helped me and supported me to find solutions to my problems, that made me a persevering and hard-working woman, since I knew the tools to fend for myself.

4 Your opinion counts

Unfortunately, we live in a society where machismo has not stopped. For this reason, my father said not to be afraid to express my ideas, opinions, doubts, feelings and emotions. He even taught me to defend and argue my ideologies and not feel intimidated by expressing myself freely.

For example: I remember when I had my first job, my boss was a macho person and he never listened to women’s opinions, since he believed that he was right and powerful. In a short time I was able to express myself without fear, to what I believed should change in the way he delegated functions.

5 You deserve the best

My father never made me believe that he was the princess or queen of the house. However, he strove to give me the best, between material and significant things. I can actually say that he had an excellent quality of life.

Among his learnings, he taught me not to be conformist, to fight for my dreams and desires, to set short-term goals and objectives; With this, I learned that I deserved the best, that I could be who I wanted to be and that I should work for my ideals.

6 Love is not wanted

My father used to say that true love is unconditional, that all couples achieve success because there is a real commitment, good communication and they respect each other. He tried hard to make me understand thatit was special , intelligent and did not need to suffer from heartbreak.

Said that women we are the ones who usually choose men and not the other way around. That he had that virtue and power, at the same time he had to give me respect.

7 The role of men

Today we live in a society in which men’s roles are shared with women. They used to be the providers of the home, the protectors and the head of the family. However, the participation of women is now essential to achieve economic and emotional stability at home.

Therefore, men and women must work as a team, collaborating with all responsibilities and obligations. For example: it is valid that both work, just as both must raise children and contribute to the housework.

The presence, guidance and support of the parents in the life of the daughters is essential, due to the way of caring for them, since it is different from that of women. Men usually teach their daughters to be practical, risky, adventurous and not be afraid. And a mother is more delicate to teach her daughters to be orderly, responsible, among other things.


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