7 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Why do we dream and what is the meaning of those dreams. Discover the messages that your unconscious reveals.

Sleeping is one of the pleasures that is most enjoyed, it is the moment where the energy expended during the day is replenished, without a doubt, many of us love to sleep. Sometimes we can remember some dreams that leave us doubts, since we know that many of their meanings are messages that our unconscious produces.

Why we dream

According to what is published in The Mind is Wonderful, a part of the brain stops working while we sleep (logical center). The brain sends signals to the spinal cord paralyzing our limbs temporarily, the only thing that moves are the eyes. The function of the brain is to discard and select memories, when sleeping the brain tries to solve problems, so we can say that dreams are the reflection of our desires and fears, according to Sigmund Freud.

The meaning of dreams

We can say that there are many universal interpretations, however, each meaning may vary with the person, the context and the vital moment in which we find ourselves, since not all of us can have the same fears, desires, concerns, traumas, etc.

The author of the book Why did I dream of that? Lauri Quimm Loewenberg, analyzes 50 thousand different dreams, in order to find a meaning, as well as we can find a lot of information in Women’s Diary.

1. Dream of strange people

The people that appear in your dreams are the interpretations of yourself, this happens because throughout the day you perform different roles for example: wife, mother, daughter, sister, we can even be the psychologists of friends when they need advice or judge when we have to make decisions. Remember many times you do not appear in your dreams.

2. Dream of being a mother

When you dream of being a mother, it means that it is time to assume responsibilities in any area of ​​your life (family, work, school). Women who have problems conceiving are more susceptible to these types of dreams, since it is a wish. It does not necessarily indicate that you will have a child, but that you focus on being protective in the care of the family well-being.

3. Dream of a dad

Parents generally provide their families financial security, so it will indicate that you have financial problems or that your security is shaky. You need that guidance and strength learned by your father to guide you to the solution of your problems. The father also symbolizes protection, discipline and authority, so you can give it a personal meaning, it may be that you need to get closer to him or that you must solve a problem with him.

4. Dream about animals

Domestic animals indicate your emotional life, as a couple and family, it is your emotions that indicate your emotional stability. If you dream that you are feeding the animal, it can be happiness in the present or near future, if you kill an animal, it can indicate misfortune or unhappiness, since animals symbolize life within your home.

If they are wild animals they indicate a conflict with social and professional life, when they are large they indicate success and work prosperity. If you find yourself fighting with the animal, it may mean that you will have obstacles in your job or profession.

5. Dream of intimate relationships

If you dream of having relationships without having feelings, it denotes an affective or work deficiency, when you dream of sex, it means frustrations, repressed desires, failures, problems. In some cases, dreaming of seeing people being intimate denotes infidelity, failed business, and the desire to get out of a commitment.

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6. Dream about infidelity

It denotes that you are not satisfied with the current relationship, so other emotions are sought, when you dream that you are unfaithful it means that there are behaviors that you do not like about your partner, otherwise if your partner is unfaithful, it means happiness in the couple, family well-being and better communication, reconciliation.

7. Dream of kissing

If you dream that you kiss a deceased person, it means luck, if you kiss a child, it means that you must face obstacles in your life, if you dream that you kiss your partner it is possible to have an intimate approach, if you kiss a stranger it denotes lust.

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Remember that many dreams are personal interpretations, it depends a lot on how you feel, what activity you were doing and the context, remember that only you can interpret your dreams according to what you live in your life, your fears and desires.

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