6 Young People Take The Challenge To Return To The Past To Meet Their Present, Would You? (anything Can Happen)

Everything is set for this reality show to become one of the world’s favorites, if you asked yourself this question, would you dare to do the same as them?

Surely you have seen reality shows of all kinds, but the formats must always be renewed in order to create fresher content that connects much more with the public. “How did I get here?”, presents a challenge that not all of us would be willing to take up.

Something that always makes people very curious is to answer the question: how did I get here?, in order to understand the present and to be able to explain how families have evolved. Well, that’s what this reality show is about that we are going to tell you about next.

What is “how did I get here”?

“Whoever does not know his history is condemned to make the same mistakes”, Paul Preston

It is a reality show in which six young Brazilians, through a series of tests, will try to find out about their past and get as many clues as possible to help them decipher and complete their family tree in four ascending generations.

Everything can happen here!

How many of your ancestors are you familiar with? You would be surprised to know that most of us only know most of the history of our parents, and about fifty percent of the history of the grandparents … the rest, the rest is pure surprise, what would you do if you found out about that some of your ancestors was a celebrity of their time or someone not very dear?

Who produces it and why?

“How did I get here?” is a co-production of BYUtv International and FamilySearch. For its part, BYUtv International is one of the Brazilian television networks that has been concerned since 2007 with bringing fresh and different content to television, which adds value to its viewers.

On the other hand, FamilySearch is the leading web platform in concentrating genealogical data in the world, therefore, everything indicates that this reality show will give much to talk about. The dumbbell that these two companies have formed is “How did I get here?” a milestone in the history of Brazilian television that will have thousands of viewers very captivated by what happens to the past of these six young Brazilians.

6 protagonists with very different stories …

The characters that entered this season are very different from each other, but they all have a truly surprising past that they will discover together with you, let’s get to know them a little more:

Pedrito: 16 years old, dreams of becoming the vocalist of a rock band, lover of martial arts and video games.

Guillermo: 29 years old, graduated from Marketing, his frustrated dream is to be a soccer player, his two passions: music and learning new languages.

Pedro: 25 years old, graduated from Physical Education, loves the sea! He practices sports such as: diving, swimming in open water and skimboarding, detached from material things by nature.

Giovanna: 19 years old, student of Psychology, loves to travel, read and write stories in English, she is also passionate about music, she plays the guitar!

Isabella: 19 years old, acting student, with a strong personality and totally in love with dogs.

Raphaela: 19 years old, happy by nature, came into the world unexpectedly, loves to write and travel. She hates injustice.

How do they develop the tests?

They will have to face different types of challenges, but always accompanied by their cameras and electronic tablets, with which they will have to record everything they see and do in order to interweave the clues that help them to know their history and understand the answer to the question: “How did I get here?” But in this process not everything will be joys, they will know some things that will make them cry and face their identity, it promises to get very intense!

Everything is set so that this reality show becomes one of the favorites of the Brazilians, if you asked yourself this question, would you dare to do the same as them?

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