6 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen For The Christmas And New Year Holidays (before Everything Turns To Chaos)

If you have guests at home, you should put these tips into practice so that you do not stress at the last minute

The end of the year parties are coming and many families begin to organize at the house of which family member they will spend one or another evening. If this time dinner is your turn to prepare, don’t stress; With these tips your kitchen will be extremely organized and impeccable when everything is over.

Plates, plates, bags, bags, boxes, boxes. And the refrigerator literally explodes from all the food waiting to be prepared on the day of Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner. If you don’t know how to organize yourself to make the most of the time and space in your kitchen, the expert in Refrigerators and refrigeration Jean Marc Adele tells in a note for Mail Online how to make the preparation of your kitchen for the banquets this holiday season be everything exit.

Organization is the key

Maybe everyone brings something to help with the banquet, or maybe you and your family are responsible for providing the food for that day entirely. Anyway, it may be that you are already clutching your head thinking about how your kitchen will be after the meeting at your house and how you will do to organize yourself with all the food that will be around. Don’t panic, here are these easy-to-use tips.

1. Clean before use

If you want the refrigerator to perform at its best the days before and after the end of the year holidays, what you should do is clean it completely by removing all those foods and condiments that are already expired. You should also thoroughly clean the shelves, racks, crisper drawers, and meat drawer to ensure that all new food you put in will be free from contamination. The ideal of doing this task is that you will see the refrigerator clean and you will have a lot of new space to put all the food that you must buy for the next few days.

2. Shopping list based on your recipes

Don’t buy too much. Focus on buying those foods that are used to prepare the recipes you have in mind for Christmas and New Year’s dinner. Thus, you will avoid wasting food and saturating it in the refrigerator, which can lead to a malfunction of the appliance, according to the specialist, and consequently, to a deterioration of the food. Also, basing your shopping list only on the foods you will use to prepare your year-end meals will make you give in to the temptation to buy things that weren’t on the list.

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3. Gradual purchases

Don’t leave everything to the last minute. You can go buying those non-perishable foods that you can keep in the cupboard in case you forget it at the last minute. Also, it is important to go shopping for some other food that you may need in the days after the holidays, where the meeting with our relatives does not leave us much space to go out last-minute shopping when supplies run out.

4. Simple is always effective

We may want to impress family and friends with our recipes, but if there are many diners, it may be a better idea to stick to a somewhat simpler recipe than you were thinking. Complicated recipes can not only become more expensive but also leave a trail of dishes to wash, that many times we do not have much time for it (nor feel like it). You can choose to choose simple recipes that include products that can be reused for other recipes. Likewise, the specialist recommends that you make sure to place each food in the corresponding section of the refrigerator, to preserve the quality of the product and adequate refrigeration.

5. An intelligent organization

Prepare a list of things you can do in advance: defrost food the night before, or prepare some food in advance and freeze it, to defrost it that same day, etc. A smart organization will make you arrive more relaxed on the day of the banquet. On the other hand, in the case of fruits and vegetables, the ideal is to cut them on the same day, so that they stay fresher.

6. Prepare for leftovers

When there is a lot of food and a lot of people, it is inevitable that there is also a lot to spare, because one always prepares a lot of extra food. Ideally, leave a place in the refrigerator for all the boxes with the leftover meals, so they can be used the next day, so you don’t have to cook again. On the other hand, it is essential to immediately store the food that is removed from the table to ensure its freshness and quality.

And to enjoy!

Don’t stress too much, and above all, ask for help when necessary. It is true that it is beautiful when at the end of the night everyone praises you and your preparations, but if this has cost you too much fatigue and stress, it does not hurt to ask for help and let yourself be helped.

The end of the year parties are unique celebrations that deserve all our dedication, but we also deserve to enjoy them to the fullest and relaxed. Get organized and you will see that you can prepare unique and exquisite banquets for your family without your kitchen being a chaos. Happy Holidays!

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