6 Ways To Know If God Is Communicating With You

In a noisy and chaotic world, it is sometimes difficult to recognize God’s voice and understand what it is saying to you. Here are six ways to recognize and understand when God is trying to speak to you.

Today’s families need to have the ability to discover and understand the voice of God in their lives. Couples need to recognize God’s voice in order to learn how to build a marriage based on faith and selfless service. Fathers and mothers need the divine voice to guide them when raising and educating their children, to be able to teach them to acquire morals and values. Children must also be able to recognize the voice of God to be warned of possible dangers when they arise, and be helped to stay away from temptation when they go through a difficult situation.

In a fast-paced world, where high-tech living is the norm, it can be difficult to listen to the little whispers of the Spirit, which is one of the main modes of communication that God has with us. Many times, even when we come to hear his Voice, it is difficult to distinguish it among the many worldly voices that are drowning it.

If it is sometimes difficult for you and your family to listen to God, remember that usually He does not speak to your ears, but to your mind and heart. So if you’re looking to dig inside to discover His voice, here are six ways to know that God is communicating with you.

1. Are you persuaded to do good?

If you suddenly feel inspired to do a good deed or are inclined to do well, then you can be sure that you are receiving a message from God. All good things come from Him, and that includes thoughts of doing good.

2. Do you perceive loving feelings towards those in need?

Are you motivated to show kindness when it would be so much easier to be indifferent? Do you feel obliged to shelter the needy, feed the hungry or help a family that is going through a difficult situation? If you feel that your heart is full of love and concern for others, then the voice of God has communicated with you. It is the way He helps His helpless children and He does it through you.

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3. Do you feel that your mind is enlightened?

Are you inspired to create something beautiful, to learn something new, or to gain a better understanding? Does your path seem to clear, do you feel motivated and energetic, or do you see life through different eyes? If any of those things happen to you, perhaps your life is being illuminated by the divine spirit, your mind and your heart are filled with light. This is how God brings beauty, joy, and pure understanding to the world.

4. Do you feel empowered?

Are your thoughts and feelings positive? Are they edifying? Do they elevate you? If you answer yes to these three questions, you can be sure that you are listening when God speaks to your heart. The divine voice is always edifying, constructive. He would never sow doubt, discouragement or fear in you. His voice is always a voice of hope.

5. Do you feel peace?

Do you feel peace or calm when making a decision, even in times of distress? Do you feel that something comforts you when you feel sorry? If so, then God is pouring peace into your heart and bringing comfort to your soul. This is how God comforts his children.

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6. Are you inspired to be a better person?

Are you motivated to be better than you were yesterday? Do you feel the desire to set new goals and work towards them? Do you see goodness in others and do you feel the need to develop that goodness in yourself? If you are driven to improve, that means that you are being led by the voice of God and He is shaping you, so to speak, into becoming the best person you can be. This is how God perfects his children.

God speaks to His children in many ways, and if you are attentive, you can tell if He is speaking to you and your family. If you feel that you are moved to act in the right way, you can be sure that this impulse comes from God. If you are trying your best to make the right decisions and strive to live worthily in the eyes of God, you can be certain of what He is expressing in your heart.

_Article translated and adapted into Spanish by Maia Fernandez from the original 6 ways to know that God is speaking to you by Tiffany Fletcher

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