6 Things Your Wife Wants You To Do

All marriages are different, but there are some behaviors that make them seem the same to others, so here are some things you can do to make your wife feel happy.

Marriage is the foundation of the family. However, many of the behaviors between men and women are totally different from each other, making living together a challenge every day.

Without getting to generalize, some men tend to have quite similar behaviors; for example, they really like sports, watching movies, enjoying a good meal, doing extreme activities, and so on. I’m not saying that women are not attracted to these activities, what happens is that we simply enjoy and see life differently.

For men, an ideal day can be summed up this way: wake up next to your wife, enjoy a good breakfast and see your children clean and fulfilling their responsibilities. But for a woman there are many other things that should complement these ideal days.

What do I mean? Go through this list of things your wife wants you to know but won’t tell you:

1. More physical contact

It is essential for a woman that her husband always shows his love with a hug, a kiss, that he takes her by the hand when walking, that he gives her a massage at the end of a tiring day. These attitudes and gestures are important at all times and not just on some occasions. Physical contact has great benefits for emotional health, and it strengthens the security and trust in a marriage. Do not limit yourself to your wife and show her your feelings, she will know how to reward you.

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2. Give everything, without reservation

Some women are capable of changing certain behaviors in favor of their marriage; for example: put on a spectacular dress and surprise her husband with a delicious dinner, buy tickets to go to the movies one afternoon or at night, or sit down with him to watch a soccer game, with the sole purpose of living together as a couple. It is important that you, as a husband, show an interest in what your wife does for you and in pleasing his tastes. This will undoubtedly bring your marriage closer together.

3. Tell her you admire her

Not only does saying “I love you” and kissing him make a relationship last for many years; Beyond that, show your woman your true admiration for what she does every day. Simply running home is great work. Always seek to compliment and reward your dedication to the family.

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4. Work as a team

Just as men go out to work every day, some women spend their time working at home fulfilling the many responsibilities that this implies. The two should complement each other and help each other to avoid that all the load is only for one of the two. Help your wife with household chores such as cooking, taking out the garbage, playing with the children, among many others. This will strengthen the ties in your marriage.

5. Remember the important dates

There is nothing sadder than not remembering an important date that goes unnoticed, such as an anniversary, a birthday, a Christmas, an annual family reunion for a valuable reason. The man can also be sensitive, so put reminders in conspicuous places and surprise your wife with details on those special occasions.

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6. Share your concerns

Some men, because they are heads of the household, tend to resolve the conflicts that life presents to them on their own, but it is essential that you share any inconvenience with your wife, in this way you can listen and have different points of view and opinions to solve problems. Make her feel like a participant and a fundamental piece in every decision that concerns family life.

Love, respect and having excellent communication as a couple will strengthen your married life. Show your wife how important it is for you to share your life with her, and remember that by following these tips your wife will feel more valued and loved. Because against what you may think, there is always time to change.

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