6 Things About Introvert Women That Make Men Crazy (extroverts, Take Note)

Introverted or extroverted? Know these 6 things that make these women the queens of love.

Introverted or extroverted? Many believe that shyness and introspection are not the best traits in a personality, yet men especially love introverted women.

Each one is unique and special, but that does not mean that we can all learn things from others. If you are an introverted woman and you do not like how you are or you feel that you are missing out on living things because of the way you are, you should not feel like that anymore. Fortunately, like every human being, your personality is accompanied by certain traits that drive more than one man crazy, and the rest of the world, in general.

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I used to be super introverted. From the time I can remember until I entered law school, I was one of the most shy and introverted people I have ever met (to this day). Without having decided to change (because I really wanted to be like the other girls (extrovert), but it was not something that I felt I could do just by deciding), on my first day at university, something changed inside of me as per magic art, and I became an outgoing woman. From advocacy to journalism, cameras and celebrity interviews, there is no trace of that introverted girl from the past.

Today I have to be the mother of a highly introverted girl, but instead of worrying about it, I celebrate it, because there are things that introverted women have, that they are admirable and that, believe me, all extroverts wish we had.

1. They listen better

They don’t need to be the center of attention, just because it’s not their style. Introverted women have the ability to go outside of themselves to put their full attention on others. When they say “I am all ears,” they literally mean that.

Because of their great ability to listen, in the broad sense of the meaning of having the ability to do so, they are able to get to know the beings they love better than anyone, and what man (or person) would not love that?

2. They know how to distinguish perfectly when it is the right moment to shut up or speak

Extroverts, in general, talk all the time and do not listen (we only do it when we focus on it), so we screw up all the time, talk too much or stay in places (or with men) where we no longer we are welcome.

Introverted women have developed the ability to listen, observe, and understand the body language of the man they love. They know perfectly well when it is better to let things cool down and when distance is wiser than suffocating the other.

3. They know how to survive alone.

They have done it since they were little, and it is natural for them. Loneliness does not scare them, and therefore they do not feel that overwhelming need to be on top of the man they love. Apart from not having the need to be on top of the other all the time, they have the ability to fully understand that this man also needs his space.

4. They choose the people they surround themselves with very carefully.

They have known rejection since they were children, and for this reason they are usually much stronger women. They don’t want to be hurt again and so they carefully go through life relating only to the people they consider to be a positive addition to their lives.

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Most introverts have great friends; other women who can see the value they have. And therefore, too, they tend to select their man well.

5. They are sensitive towards the feelings of others

They know pain, and how it hurts. This helps them develop a greater sensitivity that they apply in their dealings with others.

6. They know themselves inside out.

These women are in total connection with themselves, they know what makes them happy and what doesn’t. They are not afraid of themselves because they know how they will react to any reaction.


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