6 Stories That Circulate On The Internet That Show That Destiny Does Exist

How beautiful it is when everything happens by chance. No dates or plans … just a matter of fate.

Things in the life of each of us happen as a kind of coincidences, synchronicities or coincidences. The truth is that I don’t know, but it’s nice to think that, despite the fact that many things happen to us because they are “predestined”, the interesting thing is that reality often surpasses fiction.

So that you have evidence that what I have stated above is true, below you will find some anecdotes that those who lived them shared on the internet and that will leave you thinking about your own life.

These stories circulate on the Internet. They are real, but all the names are fictitious to protect the identity of their protagonists.

Dressed as a bride in the subway

The same day that Helena was going to marry, she discovered that her fiancé was unfaithful to her. She couldn’t hold back her tears and ran out desperate. Then she got on the subway with an unknown direction, she just wanted to get away from everyone. She was dressed as a bride, a beautiful young woman dressed as a bride plunged into a sea of ​​tears that was looked at by the passengers.

Suddenly, a handsome young man who was looking at her in the distance took her in his arms and took her out of the subway car raised as if she were the boyfriend. Today Helena is married to that generous man who took her in his arms and she is really very happy

Lost property, new friendship

Luisa lost her wallet with all her documents and money. Two days later, she found a cell phone on a bus. Luisa called the mother of the man who had lost the phone, and she arranged to go to her house to take the device. When she got there, the man was happy because someone honest had found her cell phone.

Luisa, by way of occasional chat, told them that she had recently lost her wallet with everything and that she knew just how he was feeling. Suddenly, the man took a woman’s wallet out of his pocket and asked if it was hers. When she saw her, Luisa recognized her and looked at the man; both surprised by such coincidence smiled and to this day they are very good friends.

Dream or reality?

Mario says that only two weeks ago he met Juliana. One day they were chatting animatedly when she blurted out that they almost didn’t know each other. The reason, according to her, is that the day before they met she had a dream where she saw a phone number with a note that said she had to call to find out her destination. She remembered the number, but never dared to call. Then Mario said to him: «Hit it! Let’s call right now and see who answers ». Juliana dialed the number and what can you not guess… yes, Mario’s name came up in the contact list.

Promise kept

Victor says that he lived until he was 10 years old in a small town where he went to kindergarten until they moved to another town. His mother and aunt told him that he was going to that kindergarten with a girl named Daniela, and that he had made her a promise that when they grew up they would get married.

The years passed and Victor now lived in the capital. There, in his current place of residence, he met a girl named Daniela, a coincidence to which he did not care. In time they got to know each other better and he told her his kindergarten story and the girl to whom he had promised child marriage. It turned out that the Daniela he met in the city was the same Daniela from his kindergarten. The best thing is that soon they will be married and Victor will be able to fulfill her promise.

From beggar to millionaire

A homeless man sat in front of Fernando’s house every day. One day this man approached him and asked him for some money to buy a lottery ticket. Fernando gave him the money but did not believe that the man was going to invest it in buying the ticket.

Days later the homeless man approached Fernando very happy and to his surprise he returned the money he had given him, smiling he said: «I am in your debt! Yesterday I bought a lottery ticket and I won 250 thousand! Thank you!”

Fernando is happy for the man. He says without shame when he heard the good news, he wanted to cry with happiness, and more when he knew that it was he who helped him in some way to change his life.

Suffering and happiness

Manuel says that a while ago he went out for a walk one night. When he was passing a particularly long bridge, he saw a girl in the middle who was standing on the railing of it. She was going to jump, that was when Manuel slowly approached and spoke to her, told her that he was inviting her to have a cup of tea at his house, to his surprise the girl accepted.

Time passed and when they got to know each other better, they fell in love. Now they are planning their wedding. Manuel admits sometimes you can meet your destiny there, in a place where you don’t expect it. For Manuel the destination yes it exists.

Fate or chance?

We do not really know if in heaven there is a book of life that says what are the guidelines that your existence will take from the moment you are born until the day you die. But there are several things that are clear to me and they are the following:

1 Karma exists and – whether you act good or bad – you do not die until you have received the reward you deserve for your actions.

2 It is the present in which each of us lays the “cobblestones” on which the foundation of our future will be laid. You do good deeds, lessons will await you and also good deeds that fill you with well-being.

3 Whether it is fate or chance, life will take care of putting everything in its place ; It will even put “fortuitous” events that will prevent you from making mistakes that can damage your entire existence.

Surely if you remember, you will find some other event in your life that happened and at the time you did not understand why things happened that way; even so, now you understand the reason why things happened like this.

And you, do you believe in fate?

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