6 Signs To Discover If He Will Be A Good Father

If you want to know if the boy you are dating has the qualities necessary to become a good father, then read on.

It is not strange that you begin to project into the future, after a time of being formally dating a boy. So, consciously or unconsciously, you see what he could be like as a father. Perhaps in the first instance that is a small miscalculation, but it is – if it can be said – a wise mistake, since that allows the relationship to become much more serious. If you have come to think of him as “the father of your children,” you can trust that you have seen in him the qualities you look for in a good husband.

Despite the above, it would be a fatal mistake to talk about marriage and children with only one month of dating, which is also foolish because after a month of relationship no one knows their partner well (this can be done if you want to see him run away as if he had seen a ghost). But, even if you have little dating and are in the process of getting to know him, maybe these tips will help you to take a closer look: Would the boy you have a relationship with be a good father to your children? Here are some questions you can ask yourself, perhaps they will help you discover if the young man with whom you are dating is your future lucky husband and father of your children:

1. Do you like how he behaves with his family?

It is important to see the type of relationship you have with your family. Have you seen if he is respectful to his mom or dad? How is it with your brothers and sisters? And with his nephews? The behavior and attitudes that they assume with them will give you a good idea of ​​how they will be with their future family.

2. Do you notice the details?

It can be a little frivolous, however, I am sure that you do care if you remember the day you have been in your relationship for months or years, or your birthday, or that you notice your new haircut. It is not a question of an excellent long-term memory, but it is a question of doing your part to remember them or pay attention to what, apparently, does not have so much importance. It is precious that he is a man who takes these unique events into account, as he will guarantee that when the time comes, he will not downplay your daughter’s school recitals or your son’s stamp collection.

3. Is he a “little boy”?

It is not that he behaves 24 hours a day like an infant, but it is about knowing how to have fun with the little things in life, just like children do. It is nice to have a fun, fresh partner who is not ashamed to play with puppets or read a story to put the little ones at home to sleep. And why not? Make you laugh instead of cry!

4. Has he been kind when you’ve been sick?

It’s nice to know that in your life you have someone willing to face a ferocious bear, just to protect you, but what happens when you can’t even open your eyes due to a bad flu? You must recognize that it is nice to have someone warm who is ready to pass you an aromatic infusion and a blanket. If he does that with you, he will surely have patience to help you take care of the children when they are sick.

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5. Are your emotions and feelings stable?

Something that fills every person with security is knowing that the person you love loves you too and knows how to express those feelings. Likewise, it is important to know that you can remain calm in difficult times and think clearly about solutions.

It is also good to know that you can turn to him for honest and sensible advice regarding different areas of life. If he is like this, you are guaranteed a wise and loving guide for your children, who will help them through the “ups and downs” of life. In that sense, perhaps the following article can help you.

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6. Are you flexible with the rules?

It is noble to acknowledge that sometimes some rules can be “bent.” A man who can be a good father is open to possibilities and has no sense of adventure asleep; he doesn’t follow recipes and makes the little things in life always be remembered. Those men are the ones who will sit with their children to watch cartoons and they will not fear being the clown at the birthday party because they know that being a father is not the same as their children being afraid of them, but allowing their children to love and respect them. and trust him always.

After answering these questions, do you think that your partner is that kind of man, that you want as a father to your children? Perhaps you still do not know him well enough to answer these questions, but if your desire is to be a mother and start a family, think of them as a permanent task, which I dare to leave you: something that you must examine in your mind and your heart, day a day. Meanwhile, you try to be the woman that this man you aspire to can consider the perfect mother for her children.

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